How to Grow Your Pest Control Business With 4 Quick Marketing Ideas

The key to running any successful business is to get your brand known; this means you need to build a customer following. Once you’ve establish a good reputation this following can grow and will increase your customer base. If you’re not sure how to do this then try the following 4 quick marketing ideas to help you grow your pest control business.

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Get Social Media

Facebook is the biggest and most well known social media site in the world but this isn’t the only one. You need to consider which social media sites are best for pest control businesses in relation to your target audience.

Every modern business needs to create a presence and post regularly so that people will get to know you and trust you. The best way to do this is to share snippets of useful information and engage with your followers.

Other time your following will increase and with this so will your potential customer base.

Take A Look At Your Website

The next step is to look at your website. If someone is looking to use your service then they will almost certainly check out your website first. Your site needs to look professional and be easy to navigate.

Visitors need to be able to see what you are offering and find your contact details within a few clicks. Your page must also be optimized to ensure it is sized correctly for any device. More people are accessing the web by mobile devices than desktops now; you must be formatted to accommodate this.

You should also check your local search results to see where you rank. You need to be on the first page but preferably in the top 3 listings; this is where you’ll attract the most attention.  

Call People

The next step is to contact an expert in pest control marketing with links to genuine potential customers. These are people that are already interested in your service and are likely to want to use you.

You’ll need to call each one in order to find out what they need and how you can help them; but the effort should prove to be worthwhile and generate some new customers.

Video Links

The future of blogging is likely to be video. Every digital marketing campaign needs to have videos included in them. You may be surprised to know that YouTube has over a billion users; these are all people who glean their information from videos.

To appeal to these people and expand your customer base you can post a video of your exterminators in action. Add in a few links to satisfied customers and you’ll be building trust and rapport; which leads to more customers.

The great thing about video marketing is that it can be short but is extremely effective. The fact that it can be watched quickly allows more people to see it than would read a blog; they will also remember more of the information as it is in a visual form.