I’ve Been Working Out and Not Losing Weight, WTF?!

Have you seen that person at the gym go over to the scale every 15 minutes, grinning like a Grinch with each visit?

Oh yea, the perfect workout…pounds just melting off by the second!

Of course these gym patrons aren’t losing fat, but a substance made up of zero calories that will actually cause dehydration and fatigue if not replaced and in fact lower your metabolic rate: water.

sweating suit at gym

Believe it or not, almost everyone’s weight will fluctuate around five pounds or more per day. If you’re doing regular things like eating, drinking, exercising and going to the bathroom, that needle on your bathroom scale will be dancing salsa for sure.

Muscle is denser than fat, so when fat is shed and muscle is added, the number on the scale will sometimes read the same as it did a few weeks prior. The best gauge for your progress in any exercise regimen is going to be how your clothes fit.

Don’t be concerned with the number popping up on your humbling truth plate. You should be losing no more than one to two pounds per week of actual fat anyway. Eat right, exercise three to five times per week and you should achieve your desired leanness.