5 Style Tips Any Guy Can Manage

In the networking and dating worlds, any edge you can get on other contenders can mean the difference between getting the job/girl, or falling just short because your prospect found something in your competition that was just a bit better.

This fact shouldn’t be intimidating to you – it should be inspiring.  While some aspects of your daily life can be dominated by cutthroat competitors, much of the time, you can obtain superior results in your personal and professional life by being dramatically better than your contemporaries, many of whom are content to be mediocre.

One area where you can dominate your docile peers is in the realm of men’s fashion.  As many “manly men” are intimidated by this subject matter due to its perceived emasculating nature, you can take advantage of their reluctance to look like the rock star that they could be, and become that guy to whom business contacts and A–list girls are naturally attracted.

To that end, let’s review 5 style tips any guy can handle, whether you’re a metro guy in New York, or a good ‘ole country boy from Tulsa, Oklahoma…

stylish man

1) Be true to yourself

This  is the most important scrap of general fashion and men’s style tip advice you’ll ever receive.  If you are a guy that love sports, and you try to emulate the style of a high culture socialite, you will fall flat on your face and fail hard.  You don’t have the depth of passion for those things, so how could you ever expect to pull this persona off with confidence?  If anything, your style should an extension and an exclamation of who you are as a person, just as it is more evocative to use ecstatic instead of happy in a sentence.

2) Be aware of what’s “en mode”

At the same time, if we’re trying to stand out from the crowd, one needs to be aware of what’s trending in your style type.  While you can get away with using what was in from the previous year, the passage of time may have allowed your main competition to catch up in that regard, negating your advantage.  Adding a few outfits that are on the cutting edge of your preferred brand of fashion will keep your external fresh and edgy, inspiring intrigue among your peers and new people that you meet.

3) Cleanliness and attitude matter

Want to make a positive impression with the external world?  Then basic personal hygiene: showering, shaving, exfoliating, hair styling etc. will ensure a positive reaction from the vast majority of people, regardless of how drab your style may be on that particular day.  Same goes for the composition of your clothes … if your shirts are wrinkled, iron them!  If you get a grease stain on your favorite t-shirt at dinner, politely excuse yourself and knead it out in the bathroom with a bit of water and soap so that it doesn’t set. Being positive and remembering to smile also make a big difference, even if you don’t feel like it.  It starts to change your mood biochemically, and a happy look on your face boosts your attractiveness significantly versus a neutral pose.

4) Learn about color coordination

Ever have a moment of uncertainty in the early morning about whether your tie matches your shirt?  It’s happened to us all at some point in our professional lives, when we started to care about dressing sharper.  By consulting a color wheel, one can put an end to these silly conundrums.  Basically, by choosing colors that are opposite of each other on the wheel, we can rock looks that no office drone has ever had the courage to rock before!

5) Don’t be afraid to experiment

Sometimes, it pays to go against the conventional wisdom of the present and try something completely off the wall.  After all, if nobody did this, where would new trends come from?  Further, if people kick up too much of a serious fuss, they are likely not the kinds of people you should be hanging with anyways, so go ahead and try new things … not only might you find your true fashion voice, you’ll find out who your true friend are in the process!

While fashion is perceived to be a minefield by many men, it doesn’t have to be this way.  By facing your fear of judgement and having the courage to stand out in a sea of conformity, you’ll find a new confidence that will just not get you the girl or job of your dreams, but also the courage to tackle any obstacle that may come your way in this ever-changing world!