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BoConcept Takes Advertising to a New Level of Cool!

BoConcept, the luxury furniture retailer, just released a 5 minute short, "The Guest", starring Mads Mikkelssen. Name doesn't sound that familiar? Remember the bad ass villain from James Bond Casino Royale who bled out of his eyes? Ya, that guy, and guess what, he's actually pretty funny. We've seen a few big brands opt for shorts instead of traditional advertising recently, and also they took the route of hiring a big name actor to anchor it. BoConcept does a great job of not only offering an

Four Reasons You Should Write Your Will Today

None of us lives forever, and few of us like to think about our own mortality either. 73% of people aged between 16 and 54 don’t have a Will, so many of us are leaving future family security to unnecessary chance. None of us knows what tomorrow will bring, but you’ll face it a lot more confidently knowing your affairs are in order, with family and loved ones provided for. Here are four reasons you should stop procrastinating: 1. It’s Easier Than You Think You could buy a Will making template

Organise a party as if money were no object: 3 killer ideas

Sometimes, an epic event in your life calls for you to organise the party of a lifetime. You might have sold your business, won the lottery, got an inheritance, or maybe you just want to splash around your funds like a baller for one night in your life? Whatever the reason, for this event, you want to go bigger than you've ever thought you were capable, so you can show your friends and family a time that will make them remember your name long after you have passed. If you are ready to organise

Wild fancy dress ideas for party weekends!

This one is for the ladies! Bachelorette parties, birthday parties, Halloween, special anniversaries... what do they have in common? Well, obviously they are all great opportunities to party but even better, they each offer a great opportunity to go wild with fancy dress! Fancy dress is becoming an increasingly popular way to make parties go with a bang. Let's face it, very few people can help getting into the party mood once they have put on their glad rags and headed out to the venue. So, what