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Is Substance Abuse Affecting Your Relationship?

There’s no secret that long term relationships and substance abuse don’t mix well. When you have a loved one who drinks or uses drugs excessively it can begin to have a rippled effect on your relationship. The problem might start off unnoticeable but in time it begins to wreak havoc on everything you hold near and dear. Though addiction is considered a family disease, it seems that the one often affected the most is the partner of the abuser. What Addiction Could be Costing You Believe

The Dangers of Alcoholism: A Hangover May Just Be The Start Of Your Troubles

Did you ever wake up with a hangover and think, “I must have lost a few thousand brain cells last night. Well, easy come, easy go.” It happens every day around the world. In fact, it is easy for a young alcoholic to gloss over the idea that alcohol is having a negative impact on their body. If drinking is having a negative physical effect, most younger drinkers would think they could just put off thinking about that until tomorrow. And, true enough, this kind of jesting naivete can

Six Articles Of Clothing That Will Improve Your Health

Clothing is usually not the first thing that comes to mind when people think about things that can improve health. However, some articles of clothing have been shown to improve health. Below are six articles of clothing that will improve your health: Slimming Slippers There are a lot of weight loss products out there. However, many people have never heard of slimming slippers. These slippers cover about 2/3 percent of your feet. The manufacturers claim that people who wear slimming slippers

I’ve Been Working Out and Not Losing Weight, WTF?!

Have you seen that person at the gym go over to the scale every 15 minutes, grinning like a Grinch with each visit? Oh yea, the perfect workout…pounds just melting off by the second! Of course these gym patrons aren’t losing fat, but a substance made up of zero calories that will actually cause dehydration and fatigue if not replaced and in fact lower your metabolic rate: water. Believe it or not, almost everyone’s weight will fluctuate around five pounds or more per day. If you’re

How to Maintain Your Independence in Your Golden Years

Welcome to the golden years.  You are in the midst of a fight with the age curve.  Every year you will become weaker and more debilitated.  Only a scheduled exercise program can help to maintain your fitness level.  It may not be feasible for you to perform squats or an overhead press anymore; however it is important that you maintain your independence. Older populations should train for power.  If you lose your power, you won’t be able to get out of a chair or get up from the ground; you