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The History of Marijuana Cultivation

The history of marijuana cultivation is a long and interesting one, as it flies in the face of wrong headed assumptions of it being a harmful drug. From being a durable fabric to almost upending wood pulp as a vital ingredient in paper, there is much more to this humble plant than enjoying a good evening of laughs and deeply intellectual conversations. Let's explore it together below... Marijuana: around since the beginning of agriculture When people think back to the start of agriculture,

Planning a romantic Valentine’s escape

Planning a romantic Valentine's escape is a perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day - after all, it gives you and your partner the chance to run off together and spend some time alone, without the distractions of work, family and other commitments. However, since Valentine's Day falls in chilly February, you might be wondering where you can go that won't break the bank or take too long to get to. If that's the case, you'll be pleased to hear there are some fantastic destinations just a few

China’s must-sees: Nanjing

Considering travelling to China? Nanjing, the capital city of the Jiangsu Province, is a must-see. Today, I'll be giving you a quick introduction to this exciting destination, including offering a few tips on its most popular attractions. Nanjing - an overview Perched on the south bank of the Yangtze, Nanjing is a bustling, modern city with bags of culture - much of which harks back to centuries ago. So, it's got a nice mix of old and new, allowing you to soak up a little Chinese culture