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The Best Time to Visit Poland

The best time to visit Poland would largely depend on your intentions. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to visit during the winter if you want to enjoy the countryside or catch the Corpus Christi celebration. You probably also wouldn’t head here in the spring if you want to ski on top of the world-class Polish mountains. Poland is well-known for a number of things. First of all, it was here where the beatified Pope John Paul II was born as well as one of the countries most devastated by World War

Where Modernity Meets Arabic Tradition: The Best Time To Visit Bahrain

Knowing the best time to visit Bahrain follows the basic formula of knowing the best time to travel to any other location in the world. There are only two things one should always remember – climate and time. Bahrain’s geographical location enables potential tourists to imagine the kind of climate it has. However, unlike most countries in Middle East, its desert topography is not that hostile. Bahrain is pretty much an island within the Persian Gulf, responsible for the temperate climate despite

Highlights of an Irish Road Trip!

When you go on a road trip in Ireland, you never really known what is going to be around the next corner. This is a country where being spontaneous is a bit of a national sport, but you probably do want to have some type of itinerary for your holiday. Here are just some of the highlights of an Irish road trip that you may want to consider adding to your list for your travels to The Emerald Isle! Weird Things to Do on a Road Trip in Ireland  The Emerald Isle is a wonderful country to visit

3 awesome road trip routes in the UK

First time visitors to the United Kingdom are often surprised by the abundance of natural beauty that is present throughout the British Isles, holding this conception of a mysterious and medieval London, surrounded by quaint villages in the gently rolling countryside. While visages like this can be found throughout the country, heart stopping scenes of rugged coastline, powerful highland peaks, and gorgeous lakes and rivers are also found with regularity in the United Kingdom. Whether you are

The benefits of renting a portable wifi device while traveling

You haven't been in Europe for very long, but you have woken up to the fact that everything is pricey here. From paying for tap water (what?!), to reaching in your pocket every time you have to answer nature's call in public, travel in this part of the world is putting some extra strain on your wallet, and it's making you uncomfortable to say the least. It has even extended to your attempts to find an internet signal for your laptop. After searching fruitlessly for wifi in Barcelona how to do