The benefits of renting a portable wifi device while traveling

A portable wi-fi device allows you to cruise the net anywhere, like this park...

You haven’t been in Europe for very long, but you have woken up to the fact that everything is pricey here. From paying for tap water (what?!), to reaching in your pocket every time you have to answer nature’s call in public, travel in this part of the world is putting some extra strain on your wallet, and it’s making you uncomfortable to say the least.

It has even extended to your attempts to find an internet signal for your laptop. After searching fruitlessly for wifi in Barcelona how to do it so you can get a reliable signal without paying exorbitant fees for broadband access has become a priority. Fortunately, many telecom providers in places like Spain offer a portable wifi device to travelers that allow you to access the internet consistently at a rate that is more than fair for those who consider the internet their insulin.

If you’re stuck in the cycle of paying for wi-fi in coffee shops or internet cafes that charge excessive rates for use, while delivering a crap signal, then allow us to persuade you to pick up a portable wi-fi device with three reasons that explain why they are superior to the status quo.

1) Stable and reliable signal

Often times, cafes will use a router that is (a) weak, (b) cheap and (c) old and creaky as hell. This adds up to a signal that is as slow as a snail and drops out constantly. Furthermore, some viruses embed themselves in routers, leaving your laptop potentially open to infection by connecting to it. A portable wifi device draws an internet signal from 3G sources, and your device will likely be a late model one, giving you a connection that you can consistently work or play on without constant interruptions.

2) Save money by not paying expensive per hour rates for internet

When you’re paying for wi-fi in coffee shops, restaurants and internet cafes, you typically pay about 2 Euro per hour, or whatever the purchase price of your item is to use the net. Assuming you use the net at a medium to heavy rate, this expense can add up quickly. By renting a portable wifi device, you can use the net for about 5 Euro per day, which can save you a significant amount of money over the long term.

3) Work/play from anywhere

If you’re an enthusiastic web user, or a dedicated web worker, you tend to be restricted to a selection of places, and thus, are subject to their whims. Furthermore, when you are traveling, sometimes web access can be tenuous or non-existent. By getting a portable wifi device, you get to select your office, whether it is on a park bench, on a sun lounger by the pool, or even in your short term apartment, where calling to hook up internet, only to disconnect it a short time later, is a nuisance you’d rather avoid.