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Why you need a lawyer on speed dial

I heard this joke the other day whilst having a whiskey in my local pub, after a long stressful day, and I just had to smile. So, while I am not at all good at telling jokes, here it goes -: “If you think lawyer jokes are funny – next time you’re in a jam, call a comedian.” And, that is the real clinch to why you need a lawyer on speed dial. Yes, lawyers fall into the same pile as insurance brokers and possibly nuclear weapons. You know that you may need them one day, but the thought

Four Reasons You Should Write Your Will Today

None of us lives forever, and few of us like to think about our own mortality either. 73% of people aged between 16 and 54 don’t have a Will, so many of us are leaving future family security to unnecessary chance. None of us knows what tomorrow will bring, but you’ll face it a lot more confidently knowing your affairs are in order, with family and loved ones provided for. Here are four reasons you should stop procrastinating: 1. It’s Easier Than You Think You could buy a Will making template

Words and phrases you need to know when contracting

Whether you are new to contracting or are experienced in the field, there are likely to be phrases you come across that are confusing and do not have an obvious meaning, such as: IR35 The IR35 legislation determines whether you are permitted to work as a limited company contractor or not. If you decide when, where and how you work, it is likely you will fall outside the regulation and will be able to operate as a limited company. However, if the client imposes these working conditions on