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Virtual Escape Room For Kids 101: Everything You Need to Know

From Monday to Friday, the average American family only spends 37 minutes of quality time together per day. The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely skewed those numbers. Even if you had plenty to do in the first few months of 2020, you're likely running out of ideas on how to keep your kids occupied. If that's the case, a virtual escape room for kids offers a fun and educational way to engage your children. And these online virtual experiences are open to adults, too, so there's potential fun

Is Your Identity Safe?: 5 Ways to Prevent Identity Theft

14 million people were victims of identity theft last year. Identity theft is a serious crime and one not to take lightly. Identity theft leaves you scrambling and scared because someone has your personal information and access to your finances. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent identity theft and keep your personal information, personal. Here are some tips to help you avoid identity theft. 1. Watch Your Accounts One out of every eight Americans is unaware of their credit score and

5 Classic Books That Received Terrible Reviews On-Release

Certain books are unquestionable classics. Say a word against F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, or Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, and you will most likely come up against a barrage of protests. These novels, that have become essential elements of our bookshelves, didn’t always receive so much adoration. Some literary classics received a true slating upon their first publication. From being deemed “unimaginative” to “poorly characterised”, you’ll be shocked at what some early

How to Write a Successful Undergraduate Essay in an Exam Context

The essays you write during your formal education, term time and those you produce under duress in an examination context are two very different beasts. The essays you produce as part of your coursework come without a time limitation, which means you can spend weeks gathering together your research, reading around the subject and putting together a concise and coherent argument. Examination essay questions similarly give you the opportunity to show evidence of reading, critical thinking and

How Do You Rate The Best Football Cities?

Who are the most ferocious football fans? The most devoted (is there a difference?) or the most loyal? It maybe impossible to know some of the intrinsic qualities that make up football fan-dom. I know a Giant's fan who gets so emotional he finds it hard to watch the screen when his beloved team is playing. I know a Buffalo Bills fan so crazed, he gets into a three-point stand before every offensive play, while he watches the game on TV. There are people out there like this who need both