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Words and phrases you need to know when contracting

Whether you are new to contracting or are experienced in the field, there are likely to be phrases you come across that are confusing and do not have an obvious meaning, such as: IR35 The IR35 legislation determines whether you are permitted to work as a limited company contractor or not. If you decide when, where and how you work, it is likely you will fall outside the regulation and will be able to operate as a limited company. However, if the client imposes these working conditions on

Getting ahead of the game this tax season

With tax season now swiftly upon us, time is rapidly running out to get your affairs in order before the deadline at the end of the month. However, while some business owners will be entering the new year feeling very smug with themselves, others will inevitably not be experiencing similar emotions - with cashflow, accounts and the associated documentation all potentially causing last-minute problems. When it comes to tackling your tax, the simplest solution is to get ahead - planning is

Considering an umbrella company: Focus on paid work, not paper work

Many professionals who choose to make the move into contracting often do so in order to develop their careers. As a contractor you are hired through the quality of your of your work and developing the diversity of your skills. Being able to deliver work to the best of your ability is essential and it will often lead you towards your next contract. Now that you work for yourself you will have to make time allowances for things like administration and calculating your tax contributions. This can