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BUZZlight: The Wearable ID Badge & Recorder to Fight Bullying, Violence, and Sexual Harassment

MUNE, a startup dedicated to improving safety in the workplace, has developed a two-in-one ID badge & recorder – BUZZlight – as a way to prevent workplace harassment.  “We were originally working on medical equipment, then we heard so much about how bullying, violence, and sexual harassment were such big issues for people working in hospitals and clinics,” MUNE told us. “That’s when we started working on an ID badge that lets victims easily gather evidence, ultimately helping

Is Your Identity Safe?: 5 Ways to Prevent Identity Theft

14 million people were victims of identity theft last year. Identity theft is a serious crime and one not to take lightly. Identity theft leaves you scrambling and scared because someone has your personal information and access to your finances. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent identity theft and keep your personal information, personal. Here are some tips to help you avoid identity theft. 1. Watch Your Accounts One out of every eight Americans is unaware of their credit score and

Why your business needs high quality CCTV installation

It is essential for all business owners to take steps to protect their property, premises and also their people. It is unfortunate, but crime is a huge problem and criminals will often target places of business because they know that there will be items of value and also that it will be empty overnight. Theft can be disastrous for businesses, and it can also take a long time to recover from such a traumatic experience. Fortunately, it is also now easier than ever for businesses to protect themselves

Make Sure You Have Good Internet Security

There are many rules that you should be following to make sure that you stay safe and secure on the Internet. For one thing, always make sure that you don’t completely forget about safety and security. This may seem like a given, But many people just falsely assume that no one is going to try to get their personal or financial information for their own gain. You should not assume this, unfortunately. It is sad to say, but there are many people out there in the rest of the country and the rest

Safety first – why businesses are learning to trust the cloud

As more organizations migrate towards the Cloud, those that remain skeptical are often asked why they continue to approach the idea of adoption with caution. It's a valid question - the technology has proven time and again that it can be extremely cost-effective and offer a good ROI, it can enable staff to work flexibly and theoretically from anywhere in the world, and it can dramatically improve a business' levels of efficiency. The benefits are such that firms that aren't using the Cloud