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Is Substance Abuse Affecting Your Relationship?

There’s no secret that long term relationships and substance abuse don’t mix well. When you have a loved one who drinks or uses drugs excessively it can begin to have a rippled effect on your relationship. The problem might start off unnoticeable but in time it begins to wreak havoc on everything you hold near and dear. Though addiction is considered a family disease, it seems that the one often affected the most is the partner of the abuser. What Addiction Could be Costing You Believe

The Dangers of Alcoholism: A Hangover May Just Be The Start Of Your Troubles

Did you ever wake up with a hangover and think, “I must have lost a few thousand brain cells last night. Well, easy come, easy go.” It happens every day around the world. In fact, it is easy for a young alcoholic to gloss over the idea that alcohol is having a negative impact on their body. If drinking is having a negative physical effect, most younger drinkers would think they could just put off thinking about that until tomorrow. And, true enough, this kind of jesting naivete can

Organise a party as if money were no object: 3 killer ideas

Sometimes, an epic event in your life calls for you to organise the party of a lifetime. You might have sold your business, won the lottery, got an inheritance, or maybe you just want to splash around your funds like a baller for one night in your life? Whatever the reason, for this event, you want to go bigger than you've ever thought you were capable, so you can show your friends and family a time that will make them remember your name long after you have passed. If you are ready to organise