Do you need Heating in Melbourne, or just Cooling? Is it more expensive?

It is fair to say that across most of Australia, an AC system is something which is most certainly needed. However there are also some areas where a cooling air conditioner will not be enough, especially during the winter months. Melbourne is very much one of these locations and whilst in the summer months the temperature can get up to 40℃, in the winter temperatures can drop to around 7℃.

It is due to these wide ranges in temperature that there is a need for both heating and cooling options in Melbourne and a reverse cycle air conditioner is the perfect solution in this instance.

What is Reverse Cycle AC?

This novel product is able to offer residents the best of both worlds regarding their temperature control in the home. During the summer months when the temperatures begin to soar, reverse cycle units are able to cool the home by taking out warm air from the property and dissipating it outside. Whereas once those winter months roll around and the temperature falls, the reverse cycle AC can have its function changed, at which point it will heat the home. To do this, the unit brings in warmer air from outdoors, heats it through a refrigerator coil which is built into the system, and pumps that warm air back into the property.

Benefits of Reverse Cycle AC

Beyond the flexibility of this product, there are other additional benefits which you can count on when you invest in this particular air conditioner. The efficiency of the reverse cycle AC is well known and it is incredibly good at delivering the perfect temperature without using up too much energy. Beyond this there is the fact that it is incredibly cost effective as you only need to buy a single product for both heat and cold temperatures. The energy saving nature of the reverse cycle unit also further helps extend savings onto you. Finally, these are incredibly robust and durable products which means that you won’t have to spend a great deal of money in the future on the maintenance or repair of the system.

Which is Needed In Melbourne?

If you live in Melbourne and you don’t have a reverse cycle air conditioner, then at the very least you will need options for both cooling and heating. The reason why this article focuses on this particular option is that it is the most inexpensive, the most efficient and the option which gives you the perfect control over both temperatures in the property.

Expense is always going to be an issue when you need to cover both heating and cooling, and it is important to take all factors into consideration. The cost of a unit doesn’t just involve the purchase, but also the installation, the running costs and the ongoing maintenance of the system. When it comes to getting the right air conditioner for your needs, there really is no better choice than a reverse cycle system. Find out more about how these systems can benefit your home today.