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A Gentleman’s Guide on How to Tie a Bowtie

Did you just buy a bowtie for a special event? Bowties are timeless, regal, and sophisticated. But, as cool as bowties can be, tying one is not always a piece of cake.  Maybe men make the mistake of thinking you can tie a bowtie just like you would a bow on a shoelace. But, this isn't the case.  Check out this gentleman's guide on how to tie a bowtie to learn how it's done.  What is a Bowtie?  Before we talk about how to tie a bowtie, let's first talk a bit more about what exactly a bowtie

Fashionable Face Masks Everyone is buying

Fashionable face masks are fast becoming a trend around the world. The Coronavirus pandemic has seen everyone across the world without any choice but to wear face masks as prevention measure. This gave birth to a new trend, fashion designers are now making custom made face masks. In this article we look at some fashionable face masks everyone is buying. You need not to worry about going miles just to get a fashionable mask. Most fashion houses are offering home deliveries. Jersey Cotton Face

Fashion Terms That You Should Know

Fashion language can be hard to understand. If you are struggling to understand some of the fashion jargon, this article will help you understand them. Haute Couture Haute couture is a French name for high dressmaking. The word often refers to designer clothes. Haute couture outfits are entirely handmade. These types of outfits are expensive and designers make a few of them meaning they are limited. The outfits are custom made, meaning they are made according to the size of the person that is going

The Keys to Selecting a Great Cosmetic Surgeon

Once you have decided on having a cosmetic surgery procedure, your next concern is how to locate a reputable cosmetic surgeon. Because of the huge increase in plastic surgery today, there are an increasing number of cosmetic surgeons. However, not all are skilled and even fewer are special. Your goal is to find a special surgeon, that will give you the best chance of having a safe operation and results that you will love. Here's a guideline for you to use when reviewing potential surgeons for your

How to Avoid Paying Full Price at Your Favorite Retailers

For those who love shopping, it can be hard to cope with the fact that you may not be able to afford everything you want. From shoes and pants to jewelry and makeup, you will make several purchases throughout the year. Regardless of what you need or want to buy, it is important that you don't go broke from all the shopping. Luckily, there are way to avoid paying full price at your favorite retailers and still get what you want. Here are a few ways to avoid paying full price at your favorite