Getting ready for September: how to clean a school

When you know how to clean a school, a sparkling classroom like this is the end result...

There are certain things schools must do in order to be prepared for the stream of staff and students that will flood the building in September. Equipment will need to be replaced, books will need to be ordered and massive amounts of cleaning will need to be done.

During the academic year there will be certain areas of the school that cannot be given a deep clean as they are constantly in use, such as changing rooms, toilets and canteens. The summer holidays present the perfect opportunity to bring in a cleaning contractor to make the whole place pristine.

Professional cleaners will know all the tricks regarding how to clean a school perfectly, ensuring the whole building is ready to accommodate pupils and teachers.

Changing rooms

School changing rooms generally have a bad reputation. They’re seen as grotty, smelly and poorly maintained hovels. It can be difficult to tackle any cleaning or maintenance issues when the place is buzzing with children, so the summer holidays are a great time to get them looking like new again.

It’s a good idea to fix anything in need of repair, including doors, benches, leaky taps or shower heads and mouldy grouting. Once these problems have been taken care of, a cleaning team can come in and get the place fresh and clean.

Toilets, tiles, sinks, urinals, floors and windows will be immaculate once the cleaners get through with them, meaning they’ll be ready to use again come September.

Canteen and kitchens

School kitchens produce thousands of meals every year, which means they must be hygienically clean so germs and bacteria can’t invade the food eaten by staff and students. Although they are cleaned at the end of each day, big jobs can only be done when the building is closed.

If the ovens at home can become greasy and grimy quickly, imagine how fast this happens in a school kitchen? This equipment can be pulled out and subjected to a deep clean during the summer holidays, so it’s raring to go in September.

Industrial fridges and freezers need as much attention as, if not more than, domestic ones as they store massive amounts of food at any one time. Professional cleaners can defrost and cleanse them so they can safely keep perishables fresh.

It’s also incredibly important for the area where children sit and eat during lunch times to be cleaned during the holidays. Any furniture that needs to be replaced can be ordered and installed during summer months. Likewise, any maintenance issues that need addressing can be sorted before children flood the hallways.


School bathrooms are used countless times by hundreds of pupils everyday, so it is impossible to give them the deep clean they need during term time. This means it’s vital that any repair jobs and cleaning issues are seen to while the children are away.

When staff and students return, they should be greeted with immaculate and fresh smelling bathrooms, all because you kick butt with respect of how to clean a school.