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Simple home maintenance tips to avoid long-term costs

Owning a home can be an expensive business.  From general cleaning and maintenance, to repairs, updating fixtures, and redecorating, it can seem like there is always something that needs paying for.  As very few people have the luxury of being able to fix everything in one go, many homeowners feel that they are constantly paying for, and working on, their properties. However, these gradual payments are always preferable to those big, budget-busting costs that can occur when least expected.  For

Productive interiors: essential tips for functional office design

Many of us spend most of our working lives in an office environment of one kind or another.  Since living, let alone working, in an ugly or dull space is not conducive to personal happiness or production, the design of the office is something that you should consider long and hard.  The office environment has a direct and immediate impact on how workers interact and it influences their well-being, productivity and general health. Planning You need sufficient space to seat your employees, of

5 Blackjack Tips That Will Help You Succeed

As honorable as it is to earn money through hard, passionate work, let's face it: making a ton of cash in a hurry is a lot more fun! Gambling is one of humankind's oldest traditions in this matter, where punters attempt to spin up their bankroll by catching a streak of luck on their way to riches. Of all the games one can play in a casino, blackjack ranks among the most popular of the bunch, due to its relative simplicity and its social nature, as opposed to the self-imposed solidarity confinement

Getting ahead of the game this tax season

With tax season now swiftly upon us, time is rapidly running out to get your affairs in order before the deadline at the end of the month. However, while some business owners will be entering the new year feeling very smug with themselves, others will inevitably not be experiencing similar emotions - with cashflow, accounts and the associated documentation all potentially causing last-minute problems. When it comes to tackling your tax, the simplest solution is to get ahead - planning is