Termite Treatments for New Home Construction

It is estimated that termites damage approximately 600,000 homes in the US every year. Of course not all of these are destroyed but this does demonstrate the scale of the issue. If you discover you have termites then don’t delay; get it treated by your local exterminators as quickly as possible.

New Construction Termite Treatment

If you’re building or buying a new home in an area that is known to be termite friendly; particularly if it is damp and moist; then you need to find out if any termite treatment has already been carried out.

Many houses built in known risk areas will have had termite treatment included in the preparation stage.

The usual process is three steps:

  1. Treat The Soil

The soil where the house is to be built should be treated with a heavy duty insecticide. This will ensue there are no insects, including termites under the building.

The easiest way of doing this is to dig the foundations and then spray the sides and bottom with a special chemical.

Alternatively you can spray chemicals wherever the wall and floor meet.

  1. Perimeter Treatment

Around the edge of the new build there should be a series of holes. Each of these is filled with more chemicals. They will slowly spread through the nearby soil creating an effective barrier to termites and many other pests.

  1. Wood Treatment

Any wood used in the build is also treated with chemicals; ideally before it is put into position but if not the treatment should be done as soon as the property is erected.

This involves spraying every piece of wood with termite repellant. Although this may seem drastic it is important to remember that a serious termite infection can destroy your new home in just a few short months.

Verify Your Treatment

The builder of your new home should be able to verify what treatments have taken place and should also guarantee the workmanship for a period of years. This is important as it provides you peace of mind when you first move in.

It won’t guarantee you don’t have termites in the future but it will allow you to enjoy your new home knowing that any issues are discovered and then rectified.


One thing that is often overlooked is the effect of these chemicals on nearby ground. If you’re having or have already got a pool then the termite treatment can affect the quality of the water. Ideally you should have a professional examine it and advise which pool chemicals should be used to keep the water clean and safe to use.

If for any reason it was not possible to treat the new home for termites during construction then you’ll need to apply the above steps to your house post construction. You won’t be able to do the foundations but you will be able to cover all wood and treat where the floor and the wall meet.

After this you’ll simply need to stay vigilant to ensure you spot any termite infestation before it becomes a serious issue.