The Best Party Ideas for Every Birthday Year For Kids

When you’re a child, no time of year is as exciting as your birthday. You get gifts, a cake made especially for you, and treated like royalty — what’s not to love?

As a parent, throwing a kid’s birthday party can be a stressful and overwhelming event. You want to make sure your child has a great time, but how can you pull that off year after year? Keep reading to find the best party ideas sorted by birthday year.

1st Birthday

First birthdays are such an exciting milestone for parents. Your child will only have pictures to remember this birthday year by, so take a lot of them.

Invite all your closest friends and family members over and have a fun shindig. Since your baby won’t remember the party, you don’t need to fret about themes (unless you want to, that is). Provide plenty of snacks, a photobooth corner, and keep your camera at the ready for all the cake-face pictures to come.

Toddler Years

The toddler years are some of the most fun to throw a birthday party. Your little one is coming into their own and is sure to have a blast no matter what you plan.

At this age, all they want to do is go, go, go, and play, play, play. Plan a lot of games and activities. Choosing an inflatable rental is a fun activity all the young party goers will love.

Elementary Years

The elementary years are the easiest time to throw the best birthday party. There are so many options and it won’t take much to please your little one.

Choose their favorite character or sports team and use that as a theme for the party. If they don’t care for TV or sports, how about their favorite animal?

Research local businesses to see if they offer party packages. Bowling alleys, trampoline parks, and art studios are great places to look.

Middle & High School Years

By this time in their lives, your child may be less than thrilled about having a family birthday. Instead of forcing a family get-together, let them help come up with the best party ideas. They might only want to invite a few friends over and have a chill night together.

If you have a backyard, a bonfire is a great idea. Kick off the night with a barbecue catered by you. After dinner, give your child and their friend’s space. Provide food for roasting goodies on the campfire and fun age-appropriate board games.

If your child doesn’t yet have their license, you can also take them somewhere. Drop them off at a sporting event, theatre, or the beach and let them do their thing.

An Amazing Party No Matter the Birthday Year

We hope our guide helps to ensure your child has an amazing party no matter their birthday year. Everyone deserves to feel special on their birthday, regardless of how old they’re turning.

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