5 Essential Tips for Dental Health

Dental Health is important for a number of reasons. Not taking care of your teeth can lead to dental hygiene problems, such as painful teeth and sore gums. Dental Health can also affect general health, if you have infections in your mouth this can spread and cause more serious health concerns throughout the body.

On top of this poor dental health can lead to bad breath and an ageing physical appearance over time which can have a toll on social life. Yellow crooked teeth are simply not desirable and neither are they inevitable if you take precautions with your dental health.

dental health

Here are 5 essential tips for dental health, so you can keep that big beautiful smile intact!


1. See the Dentist Every 6 Months

Dental Health can deteriorate rapidly. Our habits can change and we can often get lazy when cleaning our teeth and sometimes even when everything seems to be going ok our teeth can be having issues. Since we look at our teeth everyday it can be hard to notice subtle changes. Therefore I recommended to visit your Montreal dentist at least once every 6 months so he or she can evaluate the health of your teeth.

Don’t ignore your symptoms either, 6 months is a guideline but if you have symptoms such as sore gums or aching teeth go to the dentist immediately and do not jeopardize the deterioration of your dental health.


2. Brush your teeth twice a day!

This may sound obvious met many people do not stick to this, they brush there teeth in the morning and forget to do so in the evening falling asleep in front of the tele. Teeth should be brushed twice a day for at least two minutes covering all areas of the teeth. Many people do not cover all their teeth and make careless mistakes with a poor technique.

Flossing is also important and should be done in conjunction with brushing your teeth. Floss in-between your teeth twice a day after brushing them.


3. Avoid Sugary Foods

Sugary foods can wreck havoc on your teeth! Sweets, Donuts, Desserts and Cakes all contain lots of sugar which is bad news for your teeth. But some of the worst culprits are soft drinks. Soft Fizzy drinks like Coca Cola are your teeth worst nightmare containing excessive amounts of sugar.

Sugar builds up the plaque in your teeth which can be stubborn to remove. Excessive sugar consumption should be avoided since it can cause dental health problems.

Those who like to consume lots of sugary treats should take extra care when brushing their teeth.


4. Drink lots and lots of water!

High water consumption is an essential part fo Dental Health. Water helps wash out the mouth from food that stays their after meals and also increases salvia production which is a good things.

Staying hydrated is good for your general health and since sugary drinks are a and thing for your teeth. Its better to try and stick to water throughout the day!


5. Consume lots of Calcium

Calcium is a crucial element for your bones and your teeth. Be sure to consume enough calcium to keep your teeth strong and healthy.  Dairy products contain high amounts of Calcium and for vegans or anyone who does not consume milk nuts are a great alternative.