Why You Should Try Out a Vacation Rental For Your Next Break

I have always loved to travel and whenever it came to booking accommodation, with the exception of my hostel stays in my early 20s, I would always opt to stay in a hotel. I love comfort and luxury and I never really saw much out there that could compete with hotels. That all changed about 3 years ago when I went away with a buddy of mine who booked us up for a series of vacation rentals in France during our month long trip around the country.

Ever since that vacation I have rarely stayed in a hotel since, I fell in love with the vacation rental scene and I love nothing more than seeing what rentals are available when I take a vacation. There is so much to love about this type of accommodation and if you haven’t used a vacation rental before then here are just some of the reasons why I think that you should try it out instead of a hotel the next time you go away.

Far More Privacy

The level of privacy which you have when you rent a place out is unparalleled when compared with hotels. In a hotel you only have your room where you can close the door and shut yourself away, but that isn’t much fun now is it? When you rent out a vacation property you have the whole place to yourself and if you fancy just staying around the pool with family or friends then you can, equally, if you want to go out and socialize you can do that too. These rentals are especially good if you are in a group, it means that you can spend far more time in each other’s company without strangers hanging around.

They Are Cheaper

Relatively speaking, vacation rentals work out far cheaper than hotels when you consider what you get for your money. You can of course, always find budget hotels which are great for a night or two but if you plan on going away for longer than that then a rental is a far cheaper option. Once again, if you plan on going on vacation in a group then this too will work out much cheaper. There are some big villas and vacation properties that you can rent out as a group that significantly bring the cost down when compared to each booking individual rooms in a hotel. There are other savings too, for example when you stay in a hotel, you must eat out all of the time, when you have your own property you can head to the supermarket and buy some meals to eat it, a far cheaper option.

That Human Touch

Most of the holiday properties that I have stayed in have been designed as a home and not as basic accommodation. I really like the extra touches that you find in rentals and they help you to feel like you are at home, even if you are far away. Hotels are usually clean and fit for purpose but they often lack character, this is something that you will rarely find in a vacation property and if you want the homely touches then the latter is what you should choose for your next vacation.

Better Communication

Speaking from my own personal experience, I have found that problems are sorted out far quicker and far easier in vacation rentals than in a hotel. When I have faced problems in hotels in the past, I seem to be past from pillar to post until something gets done. Every time that I have had even the slightest problem in a vacation rental, I have found the hosts to be very communicative and on hand to sort out any issues with haste.

Pet Friendly

I love nothing more than taking my little pooch, Dexter along with me when I go on vacation and in the past it was something that I had never considered such are the rules around hotels. I have since found however, that many vacation rentals are pet friendly and this has meant that on domestic trips I can easily take Dexter along for a bit of fun. I can understand why hotels don’t accept pets too often as they have other customers to think about, the same cannot be said for vacation rentals and this means that if you want to take your pets along, invariably, you can.

I do still stay in hotels from time to time but usually just for very short breaks, if I am going away fro longer than two nights then the only option for me is a vacation rental and you should give it a try the next time you go away. Maybe you’ll do as I did and convert entirely to this type of accommodation.