4 Ways E-Cigarettes Allow You to Stay Social

People who smoke cigarettes often miss out on social situations because of the bad smell, the dangerous second-hand smoke, and the high cost of traditional cigarettes. However, e-cigarettes are helping people indulge in their pleasures without isolating themselves from friends. Here are four ways e-cigarettes allow you to stay social.

E-Cigarettes Don’t Smell Bad

Traditional cigarettes have a distinctive odor that attaches to your hair, clothes, and everything else. People don’t like to spend time around heavy smokers because the smell is not pleasant. Switching to e-cigarettes helps eliminate that lingering tobacoo odor and allows you to engage in more social circumstances without the smoker stigma.

E-cigarettes are not completely odorless, but people report that they smell more pleasant than regular cigarettes. Non-smokers are far more likely to stick around without the smell of burning tar, tobacco, and other chemical substances found in traditional cigarettes. Plus, the carpet, linens, and other textures in your home don’t absorb a bad smell, so you can host parties without worry.

E-Cigarettes Are Cheaper than Traditional Cigarettes

A pack of cigarettes easily costs over $8. If you smoke one pack per day, that cost quickly adds up and doesn’t leave much money left over for engaging in social activities. If you switch to e-cigarettes, you’ll have a lot more money to spend with friends and on entertainment.

The cost of traditional cigarettes is high because the government puts a hefty tax on them. Inflation and production costs also play a role in cigarette prices, but taxes are a big part. E-cigarettes do not currently have the high tax rate associated with traditional cigarettes. With vape cartridges, the monthly cost of e-cigarettes is about half of traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes save you money so you can socialize more.

You Can Vape Almost Anywhere

Ever since second-hand smoke took the spotlight as a potential health hazard, smoking has been banned in most public places. Designated smoking areas were created to protect the health of people who do not smoke. That means that every time you want to smoke a cigarette, you miss out on some social situation. However, e-cigarettes do not come with this negative connotation. E-cigarettes don’t produce harmful second-hand smoke, which means you can use them in many places that ban traditional cigarettes and cigars. So now you no longer have to miss out.

E-Cigarettes Give You Style Choices

Traditional cigarettes all look about the same. However, e-cigarettes come in hundreds of different styles and colors. That means you can make your e-cigarette part of your fashion statement when you’re socializing with others. Some e-cigarettes have even ben fashioned to look like pens, cellphones, and old-style pipes. Choosing a fun e-cigarette style is a great way to show off your personality in public and make some friends.

As you can see, e-cigarettes allow you to stay social in more situations. There are all sorts of other benefits to making the switch, too. If you haven’t tried e-cigarettes yet, go find out what the vaping craze is all about. You’ll be happier and your friends will, too.