Add creativity to your school curriculum with posters and more…

Looking to improve creativity in your school curriculum? Handmade posters is one  way you can go.

Posters are one of the classic ways to get information across to an audience in an eye-catching and creative way, so it is no wonder schools use a lot of them on their walls.

Go into any school in the world and it is likely the walls will be covered with a wide range of informative posters, all of which have been carefully designed to get information into children in the most effective way.

Many people learn better through information presented in a visual way, so posters are an absolutely vital educational tool for any school, college or even university.

Keeping children engaged and stimulated is one of the hardest things for a teacher and a school to do, so posters are an invaluable method to get information across in the best possible way.

It is therefore no wonder schools can therefore rack up quite large print bills due to the number of posters, forms and various other documents they need to print out on a daily basis.

Designing a poster

Although there are loads of posters available for schools to buy ready-made, sometimes it can be better to try to create them in-house.

All teachers have their own ways to get their message across to their students, so if staff members are able to contribute ideas to the design process there will be a more fluid way of getting the information to stick in the minds of the children.

The poster should cover only one specific area, without branching out to various other vaguely-related subjects, as otherwise it will become too cluttered and hard to read.

Decide how many important points you want to make and cut them into the clearest language possible, so each is as simple as possible to remember and reel off quickly.

There will also need to be a splash of colour to make the poster interesting to look at, but be careful not to go overboard as having too much going on can make it off-putting for youngsters.

Poster placement

Once the poster has been designed, deciding whereabouts to place it in the classroom is the next most important step.

Teachers will want it to be within easy sight of every child in the room, so the height of the poster has to be carefully considered, but if it is placed at the front of the room it could prove to be a distraction to what the teacher themselves is saying.

Ideally, the message of the poster will tally up with the information being conveyed by the teacher, as that way it reinforces what the child is learning about and makes it more likely they will remember it in the future.

Most people will remember the times tables posters and other similar posters from their school classrooms and this is the sort of impact that needs to be achieved from this.

Mix it up

Of course, posters will lose their impact over time, so it is a great touch to rotate a set of posters so the classroom is always different and an interesting place for children to spend time in.

Schools may therefore want to use A3 colour printers from OKI Systems to print out a wide range of different posters, all presenting information in a fresh and innovative way, so they always have a large stock in reserve to mix things up.

Technology is playing an increasing role in classrooms up and down the land, but it is likely there will always be a place for the humble poster, as it remains one of the very best ways to get a few salient points of vital information across to an audience.