The Benefits of Trying New Vacation Destinations

Vacations are something people look forward to for months or even years. Many people find themselves in a vacation rut, going to the same place year after year. Don’t let yourself get stuck in this cycle, shake things up because there are many benefits to going someplace new for vacation.

Everyone finds themselves in cycles, going to the same familiar places each time they have the time to get away, but this really locks people into a world with no changes and no differential factors. One thing that is always a perk to trying different travel experiences is experiencing new cultures because it turns out that culture shock is actually good for you!

Even if your vacation has to remain within the continental United States, you would be surprised at the different cultures that dominate different areas of the country. For instance:

-In Texas, the state takes pride in its Mexican roots while simultaneously projecting a uniquely larger-than-life state culture steeped in its own set of values and traditions. Cities like El Paso and San Antonio feel a world away from Austin, Houston, and Dallas.

-In California, a statewide laid-back look at life has led to the development of several distinct cities with their own catalog of unforgettable experiences. For instance, families visiting San Diego can drive their motorhome into premier RV park campgrounds located outside the city, or book a beach house in La Jolla through Airbnb.

-New York, the hub of immigrants for over a century, boasts rich and vibrant neighborhoods that are built on different cultures including Koreatown, Chinatown, Little Italy, Little Poland, Little Guyana, Little India, Little Australia, and Little Odessa.

Experiencing these different cultures allows you to broaden your worldviews and helps you to not only understand and embrace different cultures but to view your own in a different light. Overall, it is an amazing and eye-opening experience.

While many people see new things on vacations, heading to a new and unfamiliar destination allows you the chance to experience new practices and ways of life that may spark you to become something new for yourself upon arriving home. Whether it is a new way to meditate and enjoy the world, a new viewpoint, or even a new sense of style or cuisine, other cultures and countries offer a new and refreshing take on life that is generally vastly different from your own, allowing you to grow as a person.

Traveling to new locations does more than simply expose you to different ways of life, it also has great mental health benefits. After going to new locations, especially foreign countries, people often become more tolerant of others and their differences, as well as more accepting of their own levels of discomfort and navigating uncomfortable situations. It teaches growth and adaptation in everyone as they immerse themselves in something unknown and must adjust and adapt. It also brings on new levels of empathy in people, opening their eyes to other races and cultures and allowing them to look beyond the surface to discover who they really are. It helps to grow and develop a greater tolerance of strangers as well as a trust for those that are different from yourself, which generally will transfer into a new and improved social attitude upon returning home. It also nurtures a deeper appreciation of other cultures, philosophies, knowledge and their skills. For many, this awareness and acceptance even improves their work life, enabling them to create more diverse and creative ideas at work due to their new acceptance and love of the different ways of life they have recently experienced.

Travel is one way we can all learn about different countries and its people. While international travel offers a deeper look at these locations, the United States is such a diverse melting pot it offers many different locations that give cultural experiences, history lessons and a new way to view everyday life. Whether you are looking at an international location, or just heading to a new state, there are many benefits to stepping out of your comfort zone and experiencing something new and wonderful.