Best All-Inclusive Holidays That Will Keep You Fit!

Ahhhh, nothing like an all-inclusive holiday to kick back, relax, and let all the thinking, doing and planning be handled by someone else. For the majority of people, only a couple weeks a year are allocated from busy work schedules for real getaways, and those are usually enjoyed eating, drinking and sun bathing. While those 3 things are definitely something the majority of people would want to indulge in, some people might actually enjoy a bit of activity on their all-inclusive vacation. Here are 3 places that are not only awesome for lounging, but also exploring and getting the heart rate up a bit!

mountain biking in the algarve

1. Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Affectionately referred to as, “Sharm”, this Egyptian sun-worshipers paradise is a popular getaway for Europeans who desire to escape the harsh winter. Located at the southern tip of Sinai Peninsula, Sharm is safe and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Egypt.

There are a wealth of all-inclusive resorts to stay in, and you can often find some pretty great deals. Alcohol consumption is permitted in Egypt and beer was actually a staple in the ancient Egyptian diet! Egyptian made beer and wine is actually very cheap, but that shouldn’t be an issue if you’re all-inclusivin’ it up.

Outside of the great resorts, Sharm is known for its stunning aquamarine waters and diverse sea life. It’s a world-renowned destination for snorkeling and scuba diving and people flock from the world over to discover its underwater secrets.

2. Yasmine Hammamet, Turkey

Yasmine Hammamet is an up and coming resort area in the interesting country of Tunisia. Located in the southern Mediterranean, Yasmine Hammamet has great weather all year and makes for a great escape during the winter months.

Blending old and new, Yasmine Hammamet has something for both the history enthusiast as well as those looking for the western creature comforts that make any all-inclusive holiday one to remember.

the main beach is 4 km long and dubbed Blue Flag Beach. There are a wealth of restaurants and bars for quality meals and a bit of mingling with the locals/tourists as well as plenty of water sports to enjoy like jet skiing, para sailing and snorkeling.

Only 10 minutes from Yasmine Hammamet is the town of Hammamet which showcases the oldest mosque in North Africa. It was built way back in the 12th century and is a beautiful example of masterful Islamic architecture.

The Algarve, Portugal

Located in the southern most part of Portugal, the Algarve region of Portugal has been an European holiday destination for years. While it is still in continental Europe, it has great weather all year round and some of the most stunning beaches in the world.

Besides a wealth of all-inclusive resorts, The Algarve is home to plenty of other activities like mountain biking, surfing, golfing, motorbiking, para sailing, jet skiing and so much more! Portugal is also one of the cheapest countries in Western Europe so your money will go a lot farther there then let’s say the Med coast of France!

There you have it! Three great locations to enjoy all-inclusive holidays with much more to do than just sit by the pool. Check out First Choice, they offer great pre-package holidays to all of the above locations and many more!