How to build a chicken coop

Wondering how to build a chicken coop like this?

Lately, you’ve been learning how to become more self-reliant, given the inherent instability present in the world today.  From the escalating natural disasters that have been ravaging places like New Orleans and New Jersey, to the collapse of the economy in 2008, the aftermath that occurred has demonstrated to you that we cannot expect the government to come to our rescue anymore.

Whether they are doing this because they don’t care about the populace anymore, or simply because they are broke is irrelevant.  What’s important is that you develop the skills to take care of yourself and your loved ones, as being caught in the middle of a crisis without a clear plan is something that keeps you up at night.

Your latest project: to start raising chickens provide your family with a steady source of protein.  To do that, you need to learn how to build a chicken coop.  What follows is a basic primer on the materials you’ll need, as well as steps you’ll need to make to pull it all together into a functional home for your new feathered friends.

First, make sure that you draft appropriate plans before you nail a single board together. Chicken coops should be raised a few feet above the ground to deny access to predators, and a safe harbour for pests like rats. If you live in a cold region, you will need to install insulation to keep your egg peddlers cozy and warm. Don’t forget to vent the coop, as they will excrete inside as well as outside the building.

Other considerations include a feeding system that allows access to food inside the coop, a litter box that allows for efficient removal of waste, a nest box where they can lay eggs, and a ramp and perch so that they can exit/enter the coop, and roost at night.

Secondly, you’ll need to find some affordable chicken wire, along with all the other materials (litter, lumber, plywood, hinges, screws, nails, etc) you’ll need to build the coop. Much of this can be found at your local farm supply store, with the rest coming from your local home improvement center. If you have no farm supply store nearby, or if you simply can’t find it, refer to the aforementioned link to acquire some via the internet.

Thirdly, when you assemble the coop, it is vital that you do it in the proper fashion. Start by joining the bottom frames first, followed by the siding and the roof.  Save the windows and doors for last, as attempting to do this beforehand will only end in profound disappointment.

Finally, inspect your handiwork.  Don’t beat yourself up if it’s a little ragged – you’re ahead of 95% of the population that couldn’t be bothered to lift a finger off the couch to help themselves.  These people will look up to you in a crisis at some undefined point in the future, so build that coop and keep shoring up the rest of your survival skills.  What you’re doing is what all great leaders do!