What Your Car Says about You!

You probably already use your clothing and hairstyle to express your personality. When asked to describe yourself, you may talk about your job, your hobbies, or your musical tastes. Yet another way to flex your sense of identity is with the car you drive. Whether a man drives a flashy convertible or takes the subway to work can say a lot about him as a person. You may be attracted to a certain type of car without really thinking about it, or the type of car you drive may be a very conscious decision. Have you ever stopped to think about the statement your car makes? What does it say about your personality? Will your car help you attract the opposite sex? Here are a few typical classes of cars and the stereotypical statements they make.

guy driving car

Sports Utility Vehicles

With their large size and thirst for fuel, SUV’s make a strong statement. Drivers of SUV’s could be seen as sporty, since they drive a car that’s suitable for off-roading or taking a group of friends away for a weekend of snowboarding. SUV drivers are often seen as macho and even narcissistic, since these cars are not designed to blend into the background. Their bold attitude and road-hogging size shows that the driver is someone who is not afraid to stand up for himself.


Do you carefully pore over Carsales, Top Gear, and other review websites in search of cars with the best mileage? Do you drive a Prius or a Chevy Volt? This shows that the environment is important to you, and that you want the world to know it.


A small, practical car also shows that you’re conscious of the environment, but that you don’t need to necessarily broadcast it. In fact, driving a practical city hatchback shows that you feel secure enough in your image that you don’t need to use your car as an accessory. Driving a smaller car may signify that you’re young and single, with no need for room for a family just yet.

Luxury Cars    

Men who drive luxury vehicles show that they have cash to spare and enjoy the finer things in life. Driving an expensive Lexus or BMW shows that you don’t necessarily care about factors like gas mileage or safety features, but you do want the latest status symbols and you’re willing to pay for the added comfort that luxury brands provide.

Classic Vehicles

Do you drive a classic Ford Mustang or original VW Beetle? Driving a classic car shows that you have quirky yet stylish tastes. Yet at the same time it also shows that you’re not afraid of putting a little bit of hard work. Driving a vintage car shows the world that you’re willing to go the extra mile to keep your car in good shape, and that you can see a project through from beginning to end.

All of these descriptions should be taken with a good grain of salt, as they’re simply stereotypes. However, it’s helpful to know what others might be thinking when they spot you behind the wheel, particularly if you want your car to be an extension of your personal image.