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Feeling lucky? Try your hand at online casino games

Playing casino games used to be something that you’d have to plan to do. Today, though, thanks to the existence of online casinos, you can break off to play any number of casino games on whatever device you have with you. It’s so convenient and easy to access real money casino games and with the amount of free gaming credit that’s there to be taken advantage of at sites such as 32red, Mr Green and Caesars Casino, casino gaming has never been more popular. People who might never have made the effort to visit a land-based casino try their hand at all the casino classics and, of course, the perennial casino favourite – slots.

If you decide to play online slots from 32red UK, you’re off to a great start with a bonus worth up to £160, depending on the size of your initial deposit. Also, there’s £10 to play with when you register, before you even make a deposit – so you can try out the games before deciding to put any of your own money in.

Slots, pokies, or machine à sous (if in France) have always been popular – ever since the first slot machine, the Liberty Bell, was invented back in 1887. Today, there are hundreds of differently themed games to choose from. Players can choose games with favourite characters such as Tomb Raider – Secret of the Sword or Terminator, tie-ins with TV like I’m a Celebrity, or those with progressive jackpots like Mega Moolah.

Games to have fun with

Slots are great for when you want an easy game to play that offers plenty of excitement. There’s no strategy involved in playing slots, you simply place your bets and spin the reels, seeing whether luck is on your side when the reels stop. Bingo is fun to play with a group of people, especially when  sites like 32Red do quite a good bonus.

Roulette is another game that all casino novices like to try. We’re all familiar with the game as it’s so often showcased in casino scenes in the movies, and playing couldn’t be easier. All you do is pick a number or colour that you think the ball will land on, and press Spin. The outcome is never predictable. However, you can be quite sophisticated with your bets, spreading them across the roulette table in order to maximise profit and minimise losses.

Games that challenge you


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CAPTION: The blackjack table – now accessible on your phone, tablet or pc.

When you’re in the mood for more of a challenging game, you could always switch on the same site to a game like blackjack. Although there’s a lot of chance involved in blackjack, you can affect the outcome with the decisions you make. For example, if you’ve been dealt a mediocre hand, you can decide to split it into two, and play the two hands separately. On the other hand, if you feel confident that you can beat the dealer’s hand, you may decide to double down instead. If you’re not familiar with the different betting options in blackjack, it’s best to play a few rounds in demo mode until you feel that you know what you’re doing.

Of course, for many players, the ultimate challenge in a casino game comes with poker. When you play online poker, you’re not only playing the software, you’re also up against other poker-playing brains. You never know who you’re sitting down with at the virtual poker table, but the chances are that if you’re relatively new to the game, there’ll be someone who’s more experienced than you playing. So, while you’re getting to grips with it, keep your bets conservative so that any losses will be manageable ones. You’ll soon see if poker is your game – and once you decide that it is, the best way to increase your chances at winning is to play more often.

Whatever you’re looking for in a game, a challenge or a way to zone out and relax, you can find it on any of the numerous online casino sites.