Designing The Ultimate Bachelor Pad

Just as a family home reflects the varied activities and interests of family life, so singles’ apartments should reflect individuals’ lifestyle and tastes. A bachelor pad that sends out all the right messages makes confident statements and transmits positive signals. Here are a few ideas to help get you started.

bachelor pad

The good news

Once upon a time there was a widespread perception that single guys had no need to bother with anything resembling interior design and could continue to live in untidy personal ‘sanctuaries’ with little or no thought as to their surroundings. Thankfully this view is now pretty much outdated and the contemporary bachelor pad is all about a flair for seemingly casual, yet immaculate and sophisticated décor, no matter which of a variety of themes it employs.

The living room

Get beyond the giant flat screen TV and the couch, so perfect for gaming and lounging generally and think about the impression your main living space makes on visitors. How paintwork, doors, windows and lighting are treated can make an enormous difference to a space; pale, neutral color on walls will make the room look bigger, while a darker color on a feature wall or recess makes an interesting focal point and a perfect backdrop for a stylish photograph or painting, a little piece of contemporary sculpture or a favorite sports trophy.

Keep entrances minimalist and unfussy; use plantation shutters rather than drapes on windows for clean lines and to control light and privacy. Clever ‘floating’ shelving adds an ultramodern touch while a chic chaise longue and a smart coffee table make a refreshing change from a saggy couch and, well, the floor.

Personalize your space

If team sports or personal exercise is your thing make a feature of your interests by displaying wall art and sporting memorabilia in a home gym or exercise room. Sometimes it can be interesting to carry this over to the bedroom; however, try not to overplay the effect here otherwise the theme becomes dominant to the point of obsession. Aim for something subtle such as an enlarged photo displayed in horizontal stripes or a grayscale picture in order to keep the overall aesthetic as clean and contemporary as possible. Also, avoid overly garish colors in bedroom décor, this shouts ostentatious and brash, and not in a good way.

Kitchen spaces

While it used to be true that some singles’ culinary skills did not extend much beyond ordering in pizza, today’s man about town is likely to find there comes a point when he wants to entertain company at home. The modern kitchen is designed to be sleek and efficient when it comes to preparing a sumptuous meal for guests, with many easy to use appliances that can enhance a bachelor’s cooking skills. As with bathrooms, there are some themed styles making a popular comeback, including Art Deco and the retro 70s looks.

The most important thing in a bachelor pad is to find a personal style that is comfortable, both for you and for visitors to your unique space.