Getting a Seasoned Sales Team to Embrace New Technology

There is no exact science to being a good salesperson – you either have it or you don’t. This sink-or-swim mentality has dominated the mindsets of sales personnel for the last half century and probably even longer. Each man and woman who gives sales a try and finds it a good fit will invariably devise their own tailored way of achieving the numbers needed to sustain a comfortable living.

While the tenacity and true grit of the seasoned salesperson cannot be overstated, those who have been in the business for several decades frequently have a hard time adapting to new technology. As previously mentioned, men and women in sales get into their groove and have little interest in changing their approach. They’re like professional athletes in this regard; afraid to stray from proven techniques out of concern they will lose their touch.

For today’s entrepreneur who is dependent on at least one or two of these seasoned sales professionals, what seem like obvious improvements thanks to technology can appear instead like time-consuming obstructions. We don’t mean to make every salesperson out to be a luddite – as many who got their start prior to the Internet Age have embraced email, spreadsheets, and smartphones – but many are resistant to using apps and other software in pursuit of increased sales numbers.

For startups dependent on strong sales, this resistance needs to end. Here is the step-by-step guide to getting it done:

Choose wisely

Selecting technology which is both user-friendly and comprehensive is key to getting your seasoned salesforce to embrace apps and other software. For instance, pick a business app for online collaboration which might also include features useful for project management and research. This is preferable to choosing two or more apps to achieve the same series of improvements. By opting for the all-in-one, business leaders make it simpler for their seasoned salesforce to adapt to the new technology. Furthermore, the fact that these resources are all under one service will improve the efficiency which is being sought in the first place.

Demonstrate effectiveness

Simply telling your sales personnel to give the new technology a try and to check out the tutorial is not enough. Take the time to demonstrate the functionality and effectiveness of the business software being utilized. Be there to answer questions in real-time. Plan to encounter an awkward moment using the technology during the demo and showcase the ability to troubleshoot in real time. This can give your seasoned salesforce a good amount of familiarity right out of the gate and provide a boost of confidence.

Enforce use

If you’re running a business or serving as lead manager, that makes you the boss. Opting to enforce the use of specific technology is your prerogative and employees will have to get in line. Enforcement is the most practical way to get an ingrained salesforce to embrace new systems. With that said, simply ordering them to only communicate and work together through the chosen software is not enough if efficiency and improved productivity are the endgame. The previous two steps must be followed to ensure the switch is not one which leads to dissatisfaction and subsequent slumping of sales.

The fact that it’s referred to as “the art of the deal” and not “the science of the deal” goes to show that sales is a skill which is not easily defined despite the quantifiable nature of sales themselves. Seasoned sales personnel find themselves settling into a groove that gets them the desired results, with no reason to step outside their comfort zone. Business leaders managing a sales team therefore must be patient when it comes to getting these individuals up to speed with the latest technology.