Important Things to Remember When Creating Banner Stands

Creating Banner Stands

Carefully planning how your banners will look matters a lot because it can contribute to the success or failure of your campaign. Before you finally work on the design, here are some key things you should take note of.

Colour, styling and graphics

The wise use of colours can significantly change how people perceive your banner. This is why you should consider using striking colours like blue, green, black, and red. Incorporate your brand’s style and voice when you pick a colour palette and design theme.

Once you pick the colours you wish to use, check which font style suits your content best. Use professional-looking font styles to appear more credible to your prospects.

Lastly, be extra careful in choosing the graphics or images you will include in the material. Choose HD images to avoid ending up with a pixelated banner. Also, when you design your rollerbanners, aim to use highly relevant images. The message should be accurately depicted by the graphics or images you use.

Never forget your audience

When you conceptualise a design, it’s best to have a clear grasp of the audience demographics. How young is your audience? Do they prefer modern design? Are you specifically targeting females? Do you only want to attract people working in a certain industry? Do you need to use industry-specific jargon?

You also need to find out what your audience hopes to see. Consider the problems they want to solve. Do you think they will stop by your booth when they see your banner stands? Do you think your banner will help them understand that you can solve their problem?

Always consider what your audience needs so you can create a relevant banner stand. This will help you ensure that your money and effort won’t go to waste. Also, it will help pique the interest of your booth visitors.

Make sure you provide the right contact details

Double check the contact details you provide on the banner. Your contact number and email address should be free from typo errors so customers can stay in touch with you even after the event. Place the contact details in an ideal spot on the banner. Your customers should easily see them, right after they read about your offer.

Keep things consistent

Aside from making sure that you create quality banner stands for your exhibit, you should also convert the raw file into a shareable format so you can use it on your digital marketing platforms. Check the correct dimensions for major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.

This will help you maximise the use of a single image and keep your marketing efforts consistent throughout the platforms you use.

Ready to create your banner stand for your upcoming events? Conceptualising the design and content shouldn’t be that hard. Once you have a detailed outline of your goals, audience demographics and marketing strategy, you can easily produce the right banner stand. If you’re struggling in putting things together, you can always hire an expert to lend you a hand.