Keep Control, Stay Dry, Stay a Boss…

Hey, let’s face it, we’ve all pissed our pants before, whether it was after a night of knocking back too many Freddy Brewgers, or just because, why not piss your pants from time to time? It’s a god given right and while the readers of Mind of Modernity don’t find pissin’ ya pants a negative thing, many who actually can’t help doing it most likely think otherwise.

Well, I just saw a great campaign by TENA that  stars “Stirling Gravitas”, a man completely in “control” of his life (see the video below). What is TENA promoting with their comical ad campaign? Probably not what you would have thought. Nope, not Old Spice! They’re promoting their pads for urine leakage! Supposedly one in four males experiences urine leakage at some point in their life (I think that’s known as male incontinence when it’s an actual problem).

Anyways, the videos are quite funny and you can see Stirling in multiple scenes taking control of his life including skeet shooting with a cannon, telling a lion who’s boss and juggling chain saws. I think this is a witty campaign as it’s turning something that’s probably very embarrassing for people who deal with urine leakage into something that’s not such a big deal (which I guess isn’t if your rocking quality pads).