How to Maintain Your Independence in Your Golden Years

Welcome to the golden years.  You are in the midst of a fight with the age curve.  Every year you will become weaker and more debilitated.  Only a scheduled exercise program can help to maintain your fitness level.  It may not be feasible for you to perform squats or an overhead press anymore; however it is important that you maintain your independence.

old age exercise

Older populations should train for power.  If you lose your power, you won’t be able to get out of a chair or get up from the ground; you may even have trouble putting your clothes on.  A basic level of strength and power is necessary if you want to walk up the stairs to your room.  Take a look at these exercises in order to prevent  having to instal stair lifts for the home.

You could complete a chair stand.  This is a modified squat with the necessary precautions for people without great balance.  You will need a stable chair or bench; avoid a slick floor.  To execute this exercise, stand a little less than a foot away from the chair and bend down at the knees until you sit in the chair.  When you stand, try to limit any momentum that may come from swinging your chest.  Complete three sets of 12-15, 3 days a week for optimal results.

Another exercise is the modified push-up.  This will help to improve upper body strength and will maintain posture if you follow instructions closely.  You can perform this exercise against the wall.  Stand a few feet away and place your hands on the wall at chest height.  As you bend your elbows and approach the wall, be sure that your hips are in alignment with your torso.  As you press yourself off of the wall, be sure to exhale.  If this is too easy, look for a stable surface a little lower, maybe a shelf or table.  This exercise should be performed for 3 sets of 10-15.

Another great exercise that can be performed on the floor or even in bed is the bridge.  You will begin with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground.  As you push through the heels, raise your hips to the roof.  Try to maintain a straight posture from your knees to your shoulder.  (It will be angled down, but it should be a straight line nonetheless).   This is a great way to increase the strength of your lower body and limit problems that may arise from being inflexible.  Complete three sets of 15 every day.

These are a few options that will help you maintain strength, power and independence.  Completing these exercises as instructed will help to keep you moving unencumbered by weakness or muscular imbalances.