Make the Transition from Virtual Reality to Real Reality

Virtual Reality is finally making head way into the mainstream via products like Oculus Rift, but don't forget about the real world ... photo by CC user sergesegal on Flickr

Developers are always constantly making advancements in the video game industry. At Facebook’s F8 developer conference in tech hub San Francisco, Mark Zuckerberg discussed possible applications for virtual reality, including using the technology to make more immersive video games. Oculus, a VR company that Facebook acquired in 2014, is making giant strides in virtual reality gaming.

You can almost feel the action. Almost, but not quite. While video games are an excellent way to keep yourself occupied, why not try taking the elements of your favorite video games and transition them out of virtual reality into actual reality? Why settle for a virtual version when you can bring the action and excitement of your favorite games to life.

Ready, Aim, Fire!

Do you own every single Call of Duty game? If so, chances are you enjoy first-person shooter and military games. From the games, you gather information on various guns and how to operate them. Why not take the next step and arrange target practice at your local gun range? It would be an awesome opportunity to test your aim and skills while practicing gun safety. Find out if your marksmanship really is 80 percent or better. When you finish, you can also take the bullet hole riddled target home and hang it as a testament to your skills.

Perhaps you already have experience target shooting, or you are a collector, or an avid hunter. Outfit your shotgun with the best Remington 870 accessories, such as sights and stocks, and set up a hunting trip for you and your buddies. Make sure you are following all hunting laws and restrictions and that everyone has their permits, both for hunting and carrying. Some people choose to have their prey mounted as a trophy. You certainly won’t get a trophy like that from a video game!

Faster IS Better

If careening around S-curves at high velocity is more to your liking, you might have a “Need for Speed.” You take your time and make all of the small improvements to your vehicle to work your way up the ladder. Whether it is on the track or evading the police, racing games are fun and exciting. However, wouldn’t you like to feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins on an actual racetrack in a certified racing automobile? Your dream is now a reality. Certain tracks now offer a real-life NASCARacing experience. You can sign up for an outing for one or as a group. Feel the rumbling of the engine underneath you as you speed around the track, now that is not a feeling virtual reality can provide!

Wax On, Wax Off

If you love the challenge of matching your strengths up against the other man and seeing who comes out on top, you probably love fighting games and martial arts, such as Mortal Combat. You can learn the ancient art of Karate at a local dojo. Sign up for a class, make new friends, and meet your Sensei. Martial arts provide people with life skills, not just fighting skills. Learn to leave your ego at the door, and never to underestimate your opponent, a skill that is useful in every aspect of life.

Who knows what the future of gaming is, specifically with regard to virtual reality? Could we see a merger of virtual reality with movies that drops the player in his very own zombie fiction narrative? Only time–and technology–will tell.