Organise a party as if money were no object: 3 killer ideas

The people behind this Christmas party at the Banff Springs Hotel in Canada know how to organise a party as if money were no object, and so can you ... photo by CC user wilsonhui on Flickr

Sometimes, an epic event in your life calls for you to organise the party of a lifetime. You might have sold your business, won the lottery, got an inheritance, or maybe you just want to splash around your funds like a baller for one night in your life?

Whatever the reason, for this event, you want to go bigger than you’ve ever thought you were capable, so you can show your friends and family a time that will make them remember your name long after you have passed.

If you are ready to organise a party as if money were no object, check out the guide below, and get down to the business of planning the biggest event you have ever been a part of…!

1) Have it in a castle or mansion

Having in your house, a conference of a staid hotel or even in the private room at a local nightclub simply won’t do for a shindig of this magnitude. When you’re planning the party to end all parties, the venue has to be truly spectacular. Look into renting a mansion and don’t be shy about it, as there are plenty of luxurious high-end venues all over the world that will have you and your crew for a night of shenanigans. Cost verge well into the thousands of dollars per night, not including insurance … not money is nothing to you at this blessed point in your life, so pick up the phone or fire up the website and make it happen!

2) Hide the entertainment within the wait staff

While a party is meant to bring together like-minded people to celebrate the amazing mairacle of being alive, it is always a great idea to hire some entertainment to keep the mood elevated and to engage and excite your guests.

While you could just hire a world famous DJ or a well known rock band to bring the place down, wouldn’t it be wild if they were disguised as the wait staff? When you hire Singing Waiters, this is exactly what happens, as one minute they are serving your friend their lobster penne in a cream sauce, and in the next moment, they’ve picked up a hidden mic and are belting out a tune with the skill and precision that only the best entertainers in the music business can muster.

It will be a surprise that your guests will be talking about for years afterward when your name is brought up in causal conversation.

3) Stock the open bar with the highest end beer, wine, and liquor

Once everybody has worked their way through the multiple decadent courses that your A-list caterer has lovingly prepared for your epic party, the time to converse, mingle, dance, and imbibe on multiple after-dinner drinks will have arrived.

When you are organizing a party as if money were no object, nothing but the best top-shelf drinks will do. Samuel Adams should definitely figure among your beer selection, as two of its products won in major categories in the 2014 World Beer Awards (Double Bock – World’s Best Lager and Roggen Wolf – World’s Best Specialty Beer), while those picking wines should include Dow’s Vintage Porto or Mollydooker Shiraz, as they were ranked #1 and #2 respectively by Wine Spectator in its annual Top 10 list.

Champagne lovers will appreciate Dom or Cristal, while those that love vodka, rum, or gin will appreciate the mouth feel of Bainbridge Legacy, St. Vincent Distillers, and Gilpin’s. They may not be the usual brands that most are used to, but they’ll forget about that once they have their first drink of these inspired brands.