Pokemon Go is Sweeping The World!

Like a phoenix out of the digital ashes, Pokemon Go seemed to materialize out of thin air into the app store, and within mere days, had millions of users. No, this wasn’t just some app meant for passing a few minutes while sitting on the throne, Pokemon Go has people, well, going! The app has been a true phenomena, and one that has created droves of zombie-like herds of people glued to their phones as they meander around “reality” attempting to scoop up Pokemons lurking in this dimension. You’ll find these crafty little critters hiding everywhere, like on top of your neighbor’s roof, outside the police station, and yes, maybe sometimes at the dump.

pokemon go

With the explosion in popularity of Pokemon Go, which has burned the tag line, “Gotta Catch Em All” into the back of peoples brains, savvy entrepreneurs have tried to cash in on all of the hype creating all sorts of Pokemon Go tools like Pokemon trackers, radars, and maps.

The game’s developer, Niantic, has been making many legal threats and tweaked the Pokemon Go server communication to block the most popular Pokemon finders. The Pokemon Go trackers that are still available can be classified in to two different types; trackers that take advantage of data scrapped from Pokemon Go servers and trackers based on user uploaded Pokemon locations. The first type of the two aforementioned trackers have been severely targeted by Niantic as they force a huge amount of load in the game servers, preventing Niantic from further releasing the game to other regions.

While 3rd party developers keep producing tracking apps, Niantic is pushing hard to shut them down as soon as they pop up, but they do pass into the app store occasionally so keep an eye out. If you plan to use a tracking app, make sure to bring an extra battery pack as running both the tracker and the Pokemon Go app will suck battery way faster then normal.

Good luck!