Suffering in silence? You’re not alone!

Suffering in silence only makes things worse

Photo by CC user geralt on Pixabay

It’s questionable if that’s really good news, but one might find something comfort in knowing that they are not alone. According to a study by My Voucher Codes around 2/5 of the men surveyed admitted to suffering from stress, and half of the two-fifth admitted that they were suffering in silence from it. Obviously, having stress is no good, but it’s even worse if you’re alone in it. Stress, and added stress from the way you deal with it, can cause health problems of different kinds, including but not limited to under and over eating, high blood pressure and so on.

How to fight stress?

There are a number of things you can do to help you with that. A good hobby is always a good idea. Same applies to exercising. You can see a few more ideas here.

Now, even though the study revealed that 1 in 5 men in total “like” to suffer alone, being a man myself, I have a feeling the true numbers could be at least two or three times higher. After all, many men are not comfortable with whining about anything, and as such don’t talk about. Even when asked the question if they actually have stress they might lie. You know – a shared problem is two problems. Or so I like to say. Being aware that it’s sort of stupid, but at the same time, it’s all true.

But if you really have a problem, and no one else can help, you can always call the A-team, or better yet, a friend or a doctor.