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What are the benefits of work benefits?

Okay, so this might not be the greatest headline ever made - our Pulitzer prize might have to wait - but we truly believe that company benefits can really contribute to the running of a good, healthy business. In this article we'll quickly outline all of the greatest advantages to implementing a range of benefits for your staff members and by the end you'll see why more and more businesses are changing tack and offering new reward schemes. Retention Companies are slowly becoming aware

How to manage your time effectively

You find yourself reading it everywhere these days - working hours getting longer, demands of the job getting busier, more demanding. As a result, time management has become crucial when it comes to furthering your career by making sure your hours are not being wasted by menial tasks that, frankly, you could do without. Getting the most out of your day is not as easy as it necessarily sounds. While planning and writing everything down in terms of how your week is set to run is a great first

Moving on: What happens when an office closes for the last time?

For any number of reasons, companies the world over will opt at some point to close their operation in a particular office, be it to move elsewhere or simply because they are going out of business. Be it Disney's decision to close its Pixar studio in Vancouver to focus everything under one roof, or the BBC's move from Broadcasting House to an altogether more modern office space, the transition between one company vacating an office and another coming in can be a tricky one. So what does

Smart business solutions for cutting office costs

The cost of running an office is likely to be one of the largest bills a business has to pay - the price of rent, energy and supplies can all mount up quickly and cause financial issues. Even after the end of the recession in the UK, many businesses are finding it hard to survive, with much of the country's recovery centred on London and the south-east. For firms in other parts of the UK, times are still testing and this means it's vital to cut costs where possible to take some pressure off