The Interplay Between FC Barcelona’s Transfer Rumours and Presidential Elections


The summer transfer window is here and Barca’s presidential elections are fast approaching. So which new sign-ups should the fans of the current Champions of Europe expect in the next few months?

As expected, during this time of the year, Barcelona will feature regularly in stories about transfer of top professional footballers. Despite the current transfer ban set by FIFA, the Catalons are still allowed to sign on players but they can’t register them fully until January 1st, 2016. To make this particular year’s transfer window more exciting, Barcelona’s presidential elections are also scheduled for July 18.

With three main candidates, Josep Bartlomeu, Joan Laporta, both former presidents, and Jordi Majo, contesting for the post of president, it is important to pay close attention to the manifestos of these presidential hopefuls. Each candidate is wooing supporters with a promise of improving the financial status of the football club and bringing on at least one or two star players.

As team manager, Luis Enrique is seeking to strengthen the midfield. Players like Aaron Ramsey of Arsenal, Angel di Maria of Manchester United, and many more, have been reported in the media to have been linked to transfer moves to the Blaugrana. However, most fans are currently not interested in these calibre of players.

Most of the comments posted by fans online show that they want players that can either match or outperform the great work of Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez. Barca’s fans and supporters troop out weekly to Camp Nou to fill up the 100,000 capacity stadium, hence they expect nothing less than exceptional performance from their darling team. To join this amazing crowd of supporters, click here for more information about obtaining tickets for live matches.

As the date for the historic presidential election draws near, Joan Laporta, who was elected president in 2003 will be slugging it out with the most recent incumbent, Josep Bartlomeu, who had one of the most turbulent seasons in recent times. Fortunately, the team came out of the ‘crisis’ and went on to become Spanish and European champions within six months.

While speaking at the official launch of his campaign, on June 22, Joan Laporta said he is seeking to bring in Paul Pogba from Juventus. He has been having talks with his agent, Mino Raiola on the successful transfer of Pogba from the Italian club. Paul Pogba, the ex-Manchester United player, has a contract that will run till 2019. Laporta is a highly favoured presidential candidate who was able to bring in Ronaldinho to Barca when he was last elected as president in 2003.

On the other hand, Jordi Majo claims that he will bring in Sergio Ramos from arch rival Real Madrid. Recent media reports revealed that the contract negotiations between Ramos’ manager and Madrid have been stalled. Jordi Majo is however not expected to be much of a threat to Laporta or Bartlomeu. In December 2013, he was accused of lashing out at Lionel Messi for asking for a contract re-negotiation.

No matter who is elected as president, Barcelona fans should expect a few new stars that will strengthen the team as they aim to maintain their status as European champions next season.