Top 7 factors to consider when buying a smartphone

Do you know what to look for when buying a smartphone? ... photo by CC user pestoverde on Flickr

When mobile phones came into mainstream usage, people thought that the technology that drove portability couldn’t go any further… but then came the smartphone, with full swag and sense of entitlement, and we succumbed! Smartphones have become the norm, and most of us own one or are looking to own one. If you’re one of the latter ones, continue reading to know what to look for when buying a smartphone:

1. Brand name and gadget price

Saying that there are hundreds of smartphones available in the market, is an understatement. However, when it comes to good quality smartphones, the number gets drastically reduced. Another aspect to consider is the price tag that the smartphone comes with. Expensive does not always translate to better, as can be seen in the Micromax Mobile Price List.

2. Screen size

Most of the smartphones today sport a screen size of at least 4″. If you want to use your smartphone for tasks such as web browsing, to read ebooks, create presentations, or watch movies, then you would do better with a phablet i.e. a phone with a screen size of 5.5″ or more. However, if you prefer keeping your phone in your pocket you may want to get a smaller screen phone.

3. Processor and RAM

The processor of the phone determines what your smartphone is capable of. A quad core processor can handle way more tasks at a time than say, a dual core processor. Snapdragon and MediaTek are some of the powerful processors that grace the smartphones today. The second thing you need to consider is the RAM, which in its essence, is the determinant of how seamless your app toggling will be. A decent enough RAM of 1-2GB ensures a lag-free multitasking experience.

4. Operating System

The phone’s OS determines what apps your phone will support, what kind of user interface you get, etc. Android is one of the most popular platforms, with more than 70% of smartphones running on it. Windows and iOS are the other two popular ones, each with its own set of pros and cons. Read up on them and see which one you find the most comfortable before buying a smartphone.

5. Memory capacities

Most of the smartphones come with an external memory card slot. There are some like Apple’s range of iPhone that doesn’t. You can get phones with as less memory capacity as 8GB or as massive as 128GB. Understand what you will be using your phone for, and accordingly search for a smartphone with a certain capacity of internal and external storage.

6. Camera

What’s a smartphone without a decent camera? Just a good primary camera is no longer enough; a smartphone needs to have a front camera to support selfie-taking and video calling. Check out the reviews of the various potential smartphones online and see the quality of the pictures and videos taken using that phone. This way, you get a good idea regarding the camera’s quality and features.

7. Durability

You obviously don’t want your phone breaking, screen cracking, etc. If you’re Mr. Clumsy Hands or Ms. Butterfingers, you may want to look for a smartphone whose screen is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass. You can also look up waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof smartphones.

Investing in a good smartphone is a great idea. Connect all the factors mentioned above and arrive at a wise buying decision based on it.