50 Top Companies To Work for in America

Costco is one of the Top Companies To Work for in America ... photo by CC user Mk2010 on wikimedia commons

If you don’t have a college education, you don’t have to settle for minimum wage. The following 50 companies offer employment for non-degree holding professionals. The companies on this list pay above minimum wage, and many offer promotions, regular raises, and mentorship and educational programs. If you’re looking for more than just a job, consider one of the top companies to work for in America:

1. Crest Financial

From Crest Financials’ Google+ page, “CrestFinancial is an industry leader in ‘No Credit Score Needed’ financing. Over 70 years of combined experience and over $2 billion in processed loans has given thousands of customers a satisfying lending experience.”

On their YouTube page there’s a video titled, “Crest Financial – More than just a job.” In the video, employees and CEOs detail just what makes the company such a rewarding and profitable workplace. Spoiler alert: it’s a commitment to excellence. “Volunteering makes employers happier, and that goes a long way,” said Bob Millerberg, the CEO of Crest Financial in Draper.

2. Costco Wholesale

The next ten companies were compiled from Glassdoor.com’s list of “Top 10 Companies for Career Opportunities for High School Grads.” Costco tops the list due to a 4.0 career opportunities rating from employees. The store also pays well above minimum wage to employees old and new.

“For people who have no desire to get a degree, or a trade, Costco offers great salary and all the benefits you need for yourself and your family,” says one Costco employee.

3. Whole Foods

Whole Foods is a great place to work because it offers terrific benefits, and a focus on the health and happiness of employees. Not only did Whole Foods make the Glassdoor list, it was also named as one of Fortune Magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” list.

4. Chipotle

If you’re not sold on the employee discount (mmm burrito bowls), consider that you’ll also receive amazing benefits. Benefits include tuition reimbursement, paid time off, sick days, and more.

5. Publix

Want to share in ownership of the business? Publix employees receive free stock every year. The stocks are added to the employee’s retirement program, and employees can purchase additional shares if they want to own more.


85 percent of Nordstrom employees are proud of their job, and believe the “facilities contribute to a good working environment.” The company offers a lot of benefits, including an employee discounts (if you’re a fashion lover, this discount is priceless).

7. Wells Fargo

You don’t have to have a financial background to score a job at Wells Fargo. If you’re hoping to break into finance or banking, a job here will give you the tools you need to further your career.

8. Apple Stores

“Work where extraordinary happens,” reads Apple’s employment webpage. It also brands itself as “a different kind of retail store.” Sure, working beside Apple’s latest device offerings is cool, but it’s the benefits and leadership opportunities that keep long-term employees satisfied.

9. Starbucks

Starbucks offers jobs above minimum wage, but it’s the culture of the job that truly inspires workers. Schedules are flexible, which makes the coffee shop the perfect job for college students with busy schedules.

10. Lowe’s

Lowe’s team members report that they’re encouraged to do good work and provide top-notch customer service. There’s opportunities to move up within the company, so once cashiers can graduate to managerial positions.

11. The Home Depot

With opportunities for growth and a 401k matching program, a career at The Home Depot could last until retirement. Employees state the only drawback is the high cost of healthcare.

12. Enterprise Rent-A-Car

The average Enterprise salary is $36,167. This is one job that could potentially be a lifelong career.


GEICO employees typically work sales or customer service. They’re well-paid, and many employees recommend working sales where you can receive regular bonuses for a job well done.

14. Panera Bread

Panera Bread offers delicious food, so a benefit here is definitely the employee discount. According to an article titled, Fast Food Jobs with the Highest Pay, “Panera’s workers praise the relaxed environment and tend to like their coworkers.”

15. Panda Express

Panda Express treats its employees well. The fast food restaurant typically promotes from within. Although shifts are long, the benefits and opportunities for growth make Panda Express a better fast food restaurant than others.

16. In-N-Out Burger Associate

Amazingly, In-N-Out Burger associates make $11.17 an hour. This is a lot compared to other quick service restaurants. Employees report feeling valued by the company.

17. Applebee’s

Applebee’s is one of those restaurants that’s always busy. If being on your feet isn’t a bother, this is a great establishment to earn a lot of money. This is especially true if you’re a server.

18. Anthropologie

The following 10 retail establishments, including Anthropologie, ranked on Business Insider’s list of The Top Hourly Wages in Retail Industry. Not only does Anthropologie offer above average per hour rates, they also offer an abundance of perks and benefits, which one employee calls “incomparable.”

19. J. Crew

J. Crew’s employee discount program cannot be topped. The upscale retailer offers employees 50 percent off five items every month, and an ongoing 30 percent off employee discount. And, when things don’t sell, employees are offered 60 percent off those clearance items.

20. Saks Fifth Avenue

If the location doesn’t sell you, the benefits will. Saks offers 100 percent coverage for preventive care services, and they cover the majority of health care costs. There’s also dental and vision in the package.

21. Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel employees report that their workplace “feels like home. And, our associates feel more like family.” With decent benefits and regular raise increases, Crate & Barrel does rank as one of the better retail establishments to work for.

22. Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works offers a decent, above minimum wage per hour wage, but the best thing is the store’s smell. It smells wonderful, so each shift will be filled with pleasantness.

23. Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor associates report making above minimum wage, and an overall satisfaction with management and conflict resolution.

24. Bloomingdales

Bloomingdale’s has nearly a perfect score on Indeed.com. This is due to the store’s compensation, the fun and friendly environment, and employee’s proximity to high fashion. As one employee puts it, “It’s like high school, but with fashion.”

25. Trader Joe’s

At Trader Joe’s you’re doing something good for the environment and good for yourself. The retailer offers an employee discount, so you can get all your yummy, organic foods at a discounted price.

26. Safeway

Safeway grocery clerks love their job because they’re paid well above minimum wage. There’s also a decent benefits package, and numerous training programs for professional development.

27. Target

Target offers a number of benefits, including health, financial, social, career, and community benefits. Employees report satisfaction with the company, especially warehouse workers. The warehouse is no degree required work, and pays more than $19.40

28. L.L. Bean

Touted as “Fashion’s Hottest Company,” by Forbes, L.L. Bean is praised because the company has inspired fierce loyalty described as a “high level of commitment” that “runs deep among Bean workers.”

29. Wegman’s Food Markets

Wegman’s is committed to health and wellbeing and shares this philosophy with its workers. With benefits such as affordable healthcare and life insurance, employees love working at Wegman’s because the corporation cares for their development and wellbeing.

30. The Container Store

Love containers? Maybe you don’t, but chances are high you’ll like the store’s great benefits and higher than minimum wage starting salary.

31. Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson is a great place to work. Not only are you surrounded by motorcycles all day, you’re also treated to competitive wages and employee discounts.

32. JetBlue

JetBlue has great reviews on Indeed.com. Employees report great benefits and okay pay (lower compared to other airlines). Despite the slightly lower than average pay, JetBlue makes up for this by offering employees free standby flights if they like to travel.

33. John Deere

John Deere calls the jobs they offer “The Career of a Lifetime.” That’s a lofty statement, but the company works to stay true to their word by offering competitive compensation and benefits. Employees also receive the “pride of doing meaningful work toward a higher purpose.”

34. Alpine Access

The only work from home company to make this list, Alpine Access is a home-based customer service position. Working in pajamas is definitely a huge benefit, but so are the company’s actual benefits, health, dental, 401k, and paid time off.

35. Kraft Foods

Most employees agree that working at Kraft Foods is a great opportunity. Employees are challenged daily, but for their effort they’re rewarded with competitive pay and terrific benefits.

36. Kwik Trip

Kwik Trip is among few quick service retail establishments to offer competitive wages and benefits. The store routinely makes “Best of” employment lists because of their dedication to treating employees fairly.

37. Under Armour

One employee reviewer wrote “Energetic and youthful company with hands on motivational founder and CEO.” This culture is the exact reason employees love working at Under Armour.

38. Walt Disney

Walt Disney doesn’t call its employees workers; instead, they’re referred to as cast members instead. As a cast member, you’re asked to help delight theme park visitors. It’s a great job with competitive benefits and wages.

39. Greyhound

Working at a bus station may not sound like much fun, but employees report that it is. In fact, many posted on Indeed.com that the workplace is fun and productive, and that compensation and benefits are above average.

40. Dressbarn

With flexible hours and a 40 percent off employee discount, Dressbarn is a great place to work. Considering you can take an extra 20 percent of clearance items, this may be the perfect job for shopaholics.

41. ADP

On Glassdoor.com, employees have positively rated ADP. The company’s CEO has an overall approval rating of 87 percent. Employees cite the company’s fair work/life balance as the reason for their positive remarks, and the featured review claims the company is so “down to earth and professional” it’s the best job he’s ever had.

42. Carrabba’s Italian Grill

Carrabba’s is a very family oriented business. For the most part, employees can build a schedule that is flexible and fits in with their other responsibilities. The company is also triumphed for its successful management. Managers are quick to handle mistakes, but not place blame.

43. Williams-Sonoma

Who wouldn’t want to work around Williams-Sonoma’s amazing product? Better than that is the opportunities the company gives to employees. They are the first to try out new products, and who doesn’t love new stuff?

44. National Park Service

National Park Service jobs are highly competitive. If you’re lucky enough to land a job opportunity at one of the United States more than 400 national parks, you’re not going to want to quit. For the outdoorsy type, this is a dream career, but you’ll need to prove your gumption before you’ll be considered for the role.

45. Ford Motor

Ford isn’t just a job; it’s a career. With jobs for experienced professionals and students, Ford is where you start, build a retirement, and eventually end your career. There are opportunities in sales, human resources, manufacturing, and more. It helps to have experience, but the company has been known to train.

46. QVC

The QVC building is widely praised for its beauty, and that’s listed as a top benefit by employees. Other benefits include health, incentive programs, discounts, competitive pay, and a great overall culture. In general, employees feel that QVC is not a demanding workplace. So, if you’re looking for something relaxed, put in an application to QVC.

47. Marriott International

Fancy some hotel stays offered at a major discount? If you love to travel, perhaps a career with Marriott International is for you. The company offers employees’ massive stay discounts, as well as competitive benefits and wages.

48. General Mills

Employees old and new report that General Mills is a great place to work. This is due to on the job learning, as well as the ability to work from home. Some employees can do their work from the office and from their home office, although this isn’t a guarantee. With additional benefits and competitive wages, overall General Mills offers great employment opportunities.

49. Guitar Center

If you’re a music lover, a job at Guitar Center is awe inspiring. Each day you’ll work side by side with musicians and music lovers, as well as serve musicians all over your region. This is a cool job and promotes a cool (albeit respectful) culture. The cool vibe isn’t the only benefit, wages are competitive as are health benefits.

50. Sheetz

Sheetz offers its employees plenty of work, but scheduling is flexible to meet the needs of those employees with second jobs, families, or school to deal with. The major benefit to work at Sheetz (beyond the competitive wages and salary) is the “overall values.” Although teamwork differs by location, most locations encourage employees to enjoy their work and each other.

There you have it, 50 of the best places to work. Even if you have a college degree, many of these locations are hiring for top level positions. If you don’t have a degree, each of these companies offer growth, so you could find yourself at the top after rewarding years of hard work and dedication.