Top Tourist Attractions In France!

Regarded as one of the world’s most famous travel destinations, the top tourist attractions in France will certainly never fall short of your expectations. France is fundamentally well known for its dynamic historical cities, beautiful rural landscapes, breath-taking castles, pleasant weather and of course its delectable French cuisines and sumptuous tasting wines. France is a bordered by Switzerland to its East, Spain to its south west, and the United Kingdom to its north.

beautiful forest in france

The Eiffel Tower

With its name originating from its designer Gustave Eiffel and a popular landmark of the country (and the world for that matter) the Eiffel Tower is deemed to be probably one of the most noteworthy top tourist attractions in France. Every year beyond five million people visit the tower to simply have a glimpse of it and have their photos taken with this remarkable sky-scraping infrastructure. The tower was constructed between 1887 to 1889 as the point of entry for the World’s Fair which signifies the centennial commemoration of the French upheaval.

Fontainebleau Forest

Fontainebleau Forest is an exceptional safeguarded nature reserve containing a wide anthology of flora and fauna as well as leisure activities to go well with your taste such as mountain-climbing and trekking in the “mini alps” or simply just wander around and be spellbound with the scenic landscapes. It is located around 50 kilometres south-east of Paris and is among the biggest nature sanctuaries and one of the top tourist attractions in France. It makes a great place to caravan or camp and you can find more info about securing a camper on the The Caravan Club website.

Way back in the 12th century, Fontainebleau Forest was a hunting-park for the members of royalty and is now a popular hiking and horseback riding destination. Fountainbleau can be accessed without difficulty through the A6 direction or via train from the Gare de Lyon.

Euro Disney

Initially recognized as Euro Disney, Disneyland Paris is another addition to the top tourist attractions in France. Disneyland Paris is a theme-park operated by Euro Disney SCA and is partially owned by the Walt Disney Company. It was created in the 1988 and the park compound formally opened in 1992 offers tons of entertainment not just for kids, but even to parents and “regular” adults alike. The theme park is divided into five main divisions namely the Magic Kingdom, the Walt Disney Studious Park, (a theme park comparable to Walt Disney World’s Disney), an adaptation of the Disney Village, The Disney Hotel region and the Golf Disneyland. Access to Disneyland is also made easy given the gigantic signboards surrounding Paris which will lead you directly towards the renowned theme park.