Working in Sydney: Your essential guide

Working in Sydney is a very attractive prospect for many people, but there are things you have to account for before making the jump.

Sydney is one of the most popular cities in the world among travelers, who jet off in their millions to experience the sights and sounds of this unique and exciting destination each year.

The rich history and diverse culture found in this Australian city attracts people of all ages from across the globe who are looking for fun and entertainment on an amazing holiday. However, vacations are not the only reason that individuals book flights to Sydney.

A growing number of people from foreign countries are packing their belongings and relocating to Sydney in search of a better life – and one that is drenched in sunshine! But if you too are looking to move to this inspiring destination, there are certain things you must consider before working in Sydney.

Essential planning

Before relocating to any city, it is absolutely vital to ensure you have carried out all essential planning ahead of your actual moving date. Factors such as flights, accommodation, budgeting and your employment situation are all things you will need to think about before setting off on your journey.

Finding the right flights

Without appropriate planning, booking a flight to Sydney can be an expensive job. Therefore, it is essential to look for these well in advance.

TravelUp offers a wide selection of cheap flights to a number of overseas destinations, whether you are travelling for business or pleasure – or planning to start a new life somewhere hot and sunny.

Setting up a home

With the UK property market on the road to improvement after several years of struggle, now could be the best possible time to put your home on the market in search of an exciting new life in Sydney.

On the other side of the world, the economy is also looking up – and this diverse city offers a variety of stunning places to live that are tucked a safe distance from the hustle and bustle (and cost) of the central business district.

Melrose Park, Camden, St Andrews and Lisarow are just some of Sydney’s suburbs that are a great place to settle down – particularly for those families who are moving with their children. Do your research before moving overseas, it’s not impossible to find the perfect home for a reasonable price.

The perfect job

Finding your ideal vocation at the same time as starting your new life is an unmissable opportunity for jet-setters. Search online job websites or university courses before jetting off in order to have a plan in place.

Failing that, thousands of travellers move to Sydney and take on bar work and public relations jobs in order to fund the next stage of their journey.

Getting a visa

In order to live and work in Sydney, you will need to have a valid visa. This legal document should be applied for well in advance and will need to be shown at the airport in order to enter the country.