dirty shirt on guy

How you should get ready for a first date!

While it’s tempting to believe that any woman will fall at the feet of a greasy, beer-bellied, belching guy with spaghetti Bolognese stains all over his t-shirt (he ate Bolognese three days More »

stylish man

5 Style Tips Any Guy Can Manage

In the networking and dating worlds, any edge you can get on other contenders can mean the difference between getting the job/girl, or falling just short because your prospect found something in More »

gatorade rather than water

Should I Drink Sports Drinks When I Exercise?

Generally, water is the best fluid for your body, hell you're made up of 75% of it!  However, if you exercise for longer than an hour or in a hot/humid environment, you More »


Eat 5 to 6 Meals a Day Instead of 3!

By Jeremy Albelda Throw away that preconceived notion that three square meals a day is the best dietary prototype when it comes to eating. As Americans, we usually like to think of More »

Manchester, England

Top Destinations In Manchester, England

With an estimated population of 503,000, there are so many top destinations in Manchester not to miss. Noted for its architecture, scientific and engineering output, culture, and music scene, Manchester is, indeed, More »


To Get Your Coupon Out on the First Date…Or Not?!

Written By: Joanna Jaoudie A few months ago, I headed to the great city of London for a birthday weekend with my boyfriend. Making the trip was a bit of a last minute decision – not exactly the wisest choice if you haven’t really thought about how much it’ll cost you.  Nevertheless, we let our friends in London know we were coming, packed a backpack, and booked the cheapest hostel deal we could find for 4 nights (averaging at £ 30 a night per head, with breakfast included) as well as our

Designing The Ultimate Bachelor Pad

Just as a family home reflects the varied activities and interests of family life, so singles’ apartments should reflect individuals’ lifestyle and tastes. A bachelor pad that sends out all the right messages makes confident statements and transmits positive signals. Here are a few ideas to help get you started. The good news Once upon a time there was a widespread perception that single guys had no need to bother with anything resembling interior design and could continue to live in untidy

Exploring The Top Tourist Attractions In Punta Gallinas

There are a lot of top tourist attractions in Punta Gallinas which tourists would want to visit. Punta Gallina is located on the Northern part of Colombia and South America. It is the most untouched place by far. This place has beyond beautiful beaches, sand dunes, and wonderful culture, not to mention the hospitable indigenous people called the Wayuu. Of all Colombia places, Punta Gallinas has the driest climate and its rainy season only falls off between the months of September to December.

The Green Shift: Save The World (And Your Bank Account) With Hybrid Cars

These days, change is sweeping across the United Kingdom, as people are beginning to realise the enormous costs of living in a world where ever increasing emissions of carbon dioxide are allowed to continue unabated. Floods and violent storms that have ravaged the countryside over the past few years has only strengthened this conviction, inducing the public to take whatever action they can to help turn the tide against global climate change. From taking up cycling, to monitoring and reducing energy

Top Destinations In Micronesia

The top destinations in Micronesia are postcard-worthy with its breathtaking landscapes and scenery.  It is no wonder that Micronesia attracts thousands of adventure seekers and nature lovers each year.  Micronesia, for those who may not be aware, is actually composed of independent country islands.  So you can expect to keep your 1 week itinerary overflowing with so many sights to see and so many activities to do. Here are some of the top destinations in Micronesia: Yap Islands.  One

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Esperamos que una afiliación con los hospitales generales será ix ssible en poco tiempo, cialis sin receta barcelona efectos del viagra fotos por lo que esta formación especializada también puede ser el privilegio de las enfermeras de pregrado. Hemos disfrutado cada día de nuestra estancia aquí y nos sentimos que hemos aportado por el viagra mecanismo de accion Hospital pastilla cialis efectos y tomar viagra todos los dias la Escuela de Enfermería dosis del kamagra de la Sección de la Organización de la Asociación de Enfermeras de Instructores Grupa celebrada en Madrid propecia donde comprar farmacias en reunido en un almuerzo celebrado en la Escuela de Enfermería de la Universidad de Madrid. 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