5 Essential Accessories for the First Date!

The key to a killer first date is all about making a good first impression. Everything from your job title to your drink choice will be scrutinized, pulled apart and analyzed throughout the evening and in the days following. And while there are dozens of tips and tricks for playing up your confidence and eliciting a flirty, emotional response, the easiest way to keep her interested in you is to entice her with your physical appearance.

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The truth is that women care just as much about your appearance as you do about theirs, if not even more so. Anything that you can do to enhance your outfit in your first few hours of one-on-one time is not only guaranteed to be noticed, but will win you bonus points that may help her to generously forgive any awkward silences or  badly attempted first kiss. Depending on your date spot, your outfit might call for a polished suit and tie, or a clean pair of jeans and a t-shirt; however, every ensemble, no matter how formal or laidback, can benefit from a few choice accessories to up your cool factor.

  1. Jacket – Unless you’re planning to sweat it out at an all-day outdoor concert in the summer, you’ll probably plan to throw on some type of jacket for your date. Even if you’ll be pulling it off upon arrival, that moment you walk in wearing it will be her first, genuine impression of you as a romantic partner, so take the opportunity to look your best. You can never go wrong with a leather jacket, and you can count on girls to be awestruck by the guy who can rock a pea coat in cold weather. In the springtime, find a casual weekend jacket like one of these styles from GQ to bring out your eyes. In the summer months, a smart cardigan or a well-cut blazer is sure to sway her.

  1. Watch – The most classic of all male accessories, a stylish wristwatch will grab your date’s attention in no time flat. A timepiece is an add-on that, however commonplace, will always signal that you care to dress up. Tried and true gold or stainless steel watches are the perfect way to present yourself as mature and reliable. If you prefer to go a less dressy route, a trendy piece – especially one with a brightly colored face or bracelet like these selections from Invicta – still communicates an undeniable sense of style that is bold and contemporary.

  1. Sunglasses – It’s a known fact that sunglasses are capable of instantaneously bumping up anyone’s cool factor. A nice pair of shades will match every article in your closet, give your ensemble some extra smolder and a dash of mystery. Once you’ve overcome the challenge of determining which sunglass style is best-suited for your face shape, the only obstacle left is to choose the brand and pair that you want to buy. If you really want to wow your date, go for a pair that incorporates a bit of color to match your outfit – but sticking with classic black will never lead you astray.

  1. Wallet – When you reach to pay for the bill, are you going to pull out the wallet you used throughout high school or college? If you really want to get your lady friend excited, offer to pay and paw out the cash or a card from a handsome and unique leather wallet. Most men don’t give much thought to where they keep their money, making for a dirty, dysfunctional or boring black case with crumpled old photos, expired metro cards and other random loyalty cards. Do yourself a favor and store your essentials in a stylish bi-fold wallet in black, rich brown or charcoal gray that doesn’t look like it was purchased from Walmart.

  1. Scent – What better way to leave a lasting impression on your date than with a signature scent? A delicious aroma has the ability to influence emotion and perception in a positive way, so find cologne that fits into your personality, and dab a bit on before heading out for that first date. There’s no sure way to know which type of scent she will best respond to, but personal quirks and interests always speak to tastes. Try and gauge if she would be more into a sweet, citrus scent, something fresh and earthy, or a spicy, muskier aroma. So long as you don’t douse yourself in it, the detection of any scent at all will be sure to attract and entice her.

With these five accessories, you’re guaranteed to differentiate yourself from all of the first dates she has experienced in the past and get her excited to find out about and spend more time with you. If you take the time to include these steps in preparation of your night out, you’ll express the notion that you care about yourself as much as you do about her. As it happens, girls love a guy who knows how to maintain himself and shows his physical appearance plenty of attention.