BoConcept Takes Advertising to a New Level of Cool!

BoConcept, the luxury furniture retailer, just released a 5 minute short, “The Guest”, starring Mads Mikkelssen. Name doesn’t sound that familiar? Remember the bad ass villain from James Bond Casino Royale who bled out of his eyes? Ya, that guy, and guess what, he’s actually pretty funny.

We’ve seen a few big brands opt for shorts instead of traditional advertising recently, and also they took the route of hiring a big name actor to anchor it. BoConcept does a great job of not only offering an entertaining and comical 5 minute short video, but also an innnovative way of showcasing their furniture in its natural environment, a chic living room, bedroom, etc.


In the short, Mads drives in his Tesla to pick up his friend at the airport. He then brings him back to his amazing home in Valencia, Spain. When they reach the front door, a sexy model opens it with a heart-melting smile and his friend can barely speak. When they reach the living room with direct view to the swimming pool, there are even more models, now playing in bikins, and Mad’s friend looks over at him as his jaw drops even more.

Throughout the entire short, the furniture is subtly being showcased by Mads in a functional manner, while letting it thrive in the environment it’s supposed to.

I must say the video is very well done and is unique in my opinion. Check it out below.

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