Fashion Terms That You Should Know

Fashion language can be hard to understand. If you are struggling to understand some of the fashion jargon, this article will help you understand them.

Haute Couture

Haute couture is a French name for high dressmaking. The word often refers to designer clothes. Haute couture outfits are entirely handmade. These types of outfits are expensive and designers make a few of them meaning they are limited. The outfits are custom made, meaning they are made according to the size of the person that is going to be wearing them. Celebrities often wear these types of outfits especially when they are not visiting American casinos online, but visiting land-based casinos.

Fashion Label

This term means upcoming designers. The designers that the term refers to are those that make clothes that come in limited editions and clothes that are ready to wear. The clothes are mostly expensive but not more expensive than those that are sold by established designer wear. The outfits are highly fashionable.


The term ensemble refers to an outfit that is complete with accessories. The outfit has everything including jewellery as well as shoes and other things. If you wear an outfit complete with everything, then you will be wearing an ensemble. The French word ensemble is often used by fashion designers. After winning real money casino games, maybe you can try some expensive French jewelleries. 


Silhouette refers to the basic shape of an outfit. Good examples of Silhouette are asymmetrical and flared. Wearing the right silhouette will ensure that you will be confident. This means you have to choose the right silhouette that matches with your body type.


These are clothes that are made in large quantities and they are readily available in stores. These are different from designer clothes. These are outfits that are made in standard sizes.


Hemline means the lower edge of a garment. The Hemline is either long or short, depending on the distance of the garment from the floor.

In vogue

These are outfits that are trending during that time. Instead of saying that something is in fashion, you could say that it is in vogue.