A guide to bike clothing trends in 2014

There are many exciting bike clothing trends in 2014 ... read on for the juicy details!

There are plenty of events happening throughout 2014 to keep motorbike enthusiasts happy, and if you haven’t gone too mad on New Year’s Eve, you could even consider attending the so-called Hangover Meet on New Year’s Day.

January 2014’s main events

Held at the Ace cafe in Stonebridge, London, the event will give bikers the chance to get their fix of trade stands and private and club displays.

Arguably the first main event of 2014 is the Manchester Motorcycle Show, which will showcase new models from the principle motorbike manufacturers.

Bike clothing trends for 2014

The show will also feature all the latest gear from leading motorbike clothing brands, such as Alpinestars, Arai, Dainese, Shoei and Sidi.

Companies that design biking gear want to ensure they make jackets, trousers and accessories that are safer and more comfortable than ever before.

The Dainese SF pelle leather jacket available at P & H Motorcycles is a great example of a brand utilising technology to create the ultimate in comfort.

Ease of movement is guaranteed thanks to the soft and lightweight cowhide and the removable protection pads. It also has elasticised inserts in both the shoulders and chest so you are not restricted, which also means you have better control over your bike.

Workout gear has, for some time now, had technology that keeps sweat away from the skin, and Dainese has adopted similar techniques to create its new 3D Bubble liner, which features the ‘ideal microclimate’ concept.

Thanks to its perforated structure, a pocket of air is created between the rider’s body and their jacket. So, what does this mean in principle? Well, you stay warm when the temperature drops, and cool if things heat up. The end result is that you don’t have to go to the additional expense of buying separate gear for the summer and winter.

Imagine clothes that make you move faster

Manufacturers are always striving to improve their offering and a brand like Alpinestars, with its Atem leather motorcycle jacket, has elements tested on the MotoGP track.

The brand’s exclusive Dynamic Friction Shield technology is race-proven to give top-notch protection to shoulders and knees.

Imagine, though, if the clothing you wore when riding could actually make you go faster. Well, that is exactly what the perforated aero hump on the upper back of this jacket is designed to do.

It improves aerodynamic performance, while at the same time providing you with the right amount of ventilation so you get a comfortable, smooth ride.

Retro styling

Another trend for motorbike clothing in 2014 is retro-styling. Although the technology used in bikers’ jackets and trousers looks to the future, the style of gear is harking back to the past.

The Dainese Bonneville D-Dry jacket is a good example of this, as the stripes across the front have a vintage feel.

Add to this the fact that it has removable protectors for the elbows and shoulders, and makes use of cutting-edge fabrics like Cordura and Lorica, and you can see that it makes equal good use of retro styling and state-of-the-art technology.