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Saving money on travel? Yes please!

Taking a trip definitely isn't the cheapest thing to do in your spare time, we can all probably agree that much. That is part of the magic of taking a trip, it’s not something you can do all the time. But, what if by some miracle it could be a little less financially burdensome on you? We’ve got an awesome tip for you all today  on Mind of Modernity.com today which will save you a ton next time you decide to get away for a while. Groupon Coupons has over 70,000 e-coupons available on

The Green Shift: Save The World (And Your Bank Account) With Hybrid Cars

These days, change is sweeping across the United Kingdom, as people are beginning to realise the enormous costs of living in a world where ever increasing emissions of carbon dioxide are allowed to continue unabated. Floods and violent storms that have ravaged the countryside over the past few years has only strengthened this conviction, inducing the public to take whatever action they can to help turn the tide against global climate change. From taking up cycling, to monitoring and reducing energy

Check out Energy Hotline.com to save money on energy bills!

We all get that feeling of dread when the energy companies are back on the news again. When one starts raising their prices, the rest are sure to follow. With many families and individuals worrying that they can't afford the continually rising prices of energy, it's vital to know where to get the best deal. Many comparison sites exist but can be confusing, with visitors often thinking it's more hassle than it's worth to change. Energy Helpline.com is a great website that provides customers with