The Green Shift: Save The World (And Your Bank Account) With Hybrid Cars

These days, change is sweeping across the United Kingdom, as people are beginning to realise the enormous costs of living in a world where ever increasing emissions of carbon dioxide are allowed to continue unabated. Floods and violent storms that have ravaged the countryside over the past few years has only strengthened this conviction, inducing the public to take whatever action they can to help turn the tide against global climate change.

From taking up cycling, to monitoring and reducing energy use, efforts have been admirable thus far, but the core of the problem lies in the transport network, where the lion’s share of carbon emissions are generated on an annual basis. The growth in suburban development over the last generation has cemented the need for automobiles until the necessary infrastructure can catch up, so initial solutions have revolved around cleaning up the act of our personal chariots.

In this vein, many in England are increasingly making the switch to cleaner and more efficient hybrids, which dramatically reduce fossil fuel usage, but also confer other benefits to their owners. If you are on the fence regarding the purchase of a hybrid, this article will discuss the benefits of owning one of these Earth-friendly vehicles.


Easier on the wallet

Much of the hoopla surrounding hybrids revolve around their green credentials, but a big plus to owning these autos (especially the plug-in variety) are the savings realised at the pump. Due to the electrical energy generated by braking, or inputted by external charging sources, these vehicles can operate solely on electrons at lower speeds, making them an ideal choice for those who do most of their driving in stop and go urban environments. Some models also shut the engine off at red lights, with the engine turning back on promptly when the accelerator is pressed. At motorway speed, some models even allow your vehicle to operate purely on electricity for a period of time, saving you bundles of money when on long-distance drives.

Kinder to the environment

With significantly less petrol being burned off during the period of time that you own your hybrid, you are easily making the biggest possible dent in your contribution to the global climate crisis. Owning a hybrid can reduce your carbon emissions by up to a third compared to conventional cars, making an investment in this green technology a key prong in any concerned individual’s efforts to reduce their footprint upon the Earth. If this has convinced you to act, then browse the BMW ActiveHybrid range, which has a selection of hybrid cars that mix style and environmental function seamlessly and effectively.

A quieter, smoother ride and much more

In case you needed more reasons to invest in hybrids, the quiet operation of these machines versus their combustion-dependent contemporaries will appeal to those seeking to impose less upon their neighbours. With peace and quiet being a precious commodity in today’s modern world, you can lead by example by owning a vehicle that does little to shatter the silence in your communities.

Also, with the other important points that we’ve talked about earlier, you will become a pioneer by owning one of these planet friendly cars, which will inspire others to follow in your footsteps, thereby lowering cost for everybody else. This will enable the masses to trade in their polluting autos for cleaner ones in the near future, allowing our society to move ever closer to a solution to the on-going climate crisis.